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Green Cat Funk The Fat Smoothie


Remember when exercise was extra super fun and involved jazz hands? (That's me there in the middle, down below)

We know what spring time means. It means longer days, warmer weather, the desire to start moving kicks in, and every lamp post in my young urban hippie neighbourhood is plastered with signs for boot camp classes. Last week I received an email with the subject line "Get In To Your Skinny Jeans This Spring", and I thought, Hmmm. No.

See, this booty and my five foot tall self weren't intended to wear skinny jeans so why on earth would I torture myself for six weeks, so that I might fit into them briefly until my body goes back to the size and shape it likes best, which is exactly how it is right now.

What about effing the 'skinny jeans' or whatever you may be aiming to 'fit in to'  and instead working with your own genes and what feels good for your own body?  Just a question is all. Neither myself nor my adrenal glands are in the mood to strain and pain to become something that may not be just right for me right now? As I have said before, I'd rather be chubby.

I hate the gym. I am not lazy, that's for sheezees. I ride a clunker of a bike all over the city, take on more serious rides, heart my yoga, and am happy to get outside for long walks, snow shoe adventures, dance parties for one and other such activities. Dragging my bottom to the gym three or four times a week to run on a treadmill that takes me nowhere, be yelled at in a class to work off that Toblerone bar or sweat our all my drinking from the night before is  kind of useless to me.  The posters plastered all over my former gym telling me that drinking chocolate milk would maximize my workout signaled my final and permanent farewell after ten years as an avid regular

I am not saying that the gym and boot camps aren't fan-freaking-tastic for you. They very well may be, what I am saying is that we have to find our groove, work with where we're at to have our workouts, whatever they may be, make us feel amazing. Eating well, keeping things whole, healthy, low glycemic and balanced is a major key!

I have recently been introduced to Miriam Schacter who is totally on the same page. Though I will forgive her hatred for Brussel's Sprouts and Okra, I will happily ride on over to 99 Sudbury and other neighbourhood great big dance studio spaces to Funk The Fat for $10 a class (Monday evenings at 6 and Thursday mornings at 9:30 and a few other days and times around town). Her Flow Motion style makes you think you can dance (though I can! really I can!!!) and her attitude and message has absolutely nothing to do with changing the way your body looks but totally improving the way it feels. That bit of philosophy is what truly stole my 'Feel Good? Feel Great!" heart.

Just like I don't talk fat grams and calories, she doesn't talk fat burning and calories. Miriam talks about moving, shaping and growing stronger. She talks green drinks not carb loading and she talks about shaking that booty, doing the humpty, moving and smiling all along the way. She freaking rocks it and my friend Kristen Gale and I have totally become her newest groupies. Check out Miriam's website: Toronto Moves for latest body shaking info and classes or look into some awesome fun spring time activity wherever you may be residing. If you move in a way that you love and that feels good, it becomes something you long for and crave, rather than dread and detest.

I quote myself when I ask "What would you rather be? What’s most important to you? The way you look or the way you feel? Are you able to make these co-exist? Are you at a place of optimum health? What does health look and feel like to you?" You know what happens when you start feeling amazing? You start looking amazing too! Call it a gift with purchase.

Green Cat Funk The Fat Smoothie
2 leaves of kale
1/2 banana
1/4 cup almond milk, hemp milk, sesame milk (or other milk substitute of choice)
1 stalk of celery
about 4 inches of cucumber
1 Tbs dried coconut
1 Tbs goji berries
1 Tbs raw cacao
1 - 2 tsp spirulina
1 Tbs hemp protein
1 cup ice
1-2 cups water until desired consistency is achieved

Blend, enjoy and then funk the fat!

13 Responses to “Green Cat Funk The Fat Smoothie”

  1. Michelle S. said…
    I was fuming when I saw those chocolate milk posters everywhere! These days I am outside running and not making it to the gym much, but during the crummy weather I do rely on the gym to get some exercise. I remember there was a time when I was younger when I thought about burning calories... now I am very focused on what my body can do, and it makes me much happier!
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