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My Kitchen Renovation: Day 1


The Before


Most of you are familiar with my kitchen- my pretty pink and red painted cupboards and all the goodness that comes from my cooking experiments in this wee little space. And wee it is. My kitchen, as you will notice from the above photos was actually really the hallway that lead from my front door to the rest of my place. How I ever managed to have 7+ people cooking in here is a wonder beyond my ability.

With waiting lists on my Spring classes, I decided it was time to take the plunge and renovate. Oye ya yoy. Me and my big ideas.

The idea was to keep my classes affordable and just welcome more people through my door and into my kitchen. I went from having a sweet and simple little kitchen to, what I hope, will be my current idea of a dream cooking school kitchen, complete with two fully equipped cooking stations. Yes, that means two stoves. Two stoves!

I am also doing my best to adhere to my own personal enviro values. I am reusing most of what was already there, have sold what I can sell (including my awesome 1940's drafting table/kitchen table which found a happy new home), buying as used furniture to refinish, using non-toxic paints, hiring friends wherever I can and doing as much on my own (with the help of my momma) as possible.

Now, as much as I love cooking and creating, I am not so into construction. The contractor hat is fitting a little snug on my head and most of the time gives me a headache. I am a big fan of staying in my area of brilliance and construction is not it. Can you blame me though? I went from the above photos to the below in ten short hours.

Demolition Day

Brian and Stephen, my new best friends, get to work taking down the cabinets.


My mom peeking in to the used china cabinet I bought, trying to decide if we paint the inside. My vote was no. IMG_6752

The stairway up to my former meditation space is now down, cupboards and cabinets are gone and the shelves on the right are coming down.


End of day 1. Is it too late to change my mind?IMG_6758

And those would be all my belongings.


I will be sure to keep you posted on how things are going. Wish me well.

26 Responses to “My Kitchen Renovation: Day 1”

  1. Jennifer R. said…
    oooh, can't wait to see how it turns out... you'll be happy in the long run!! Would love to do another 3-day green smoothie cleanse -- you plan on doing it again? It's always fun to do with other people :)
  2. organicashley said…
    oh by the way I thought you would love this: They have some pretty awesome tshirts :) that I could totally see you sporting. Its already on my bday list. hehe
  3. Cindy said…
    OH BIG SIGH brings back memories. We completely renovated a house last year. don't want to do THAT anytime soon...esp with a baby! the end result is gonna be great though and can't wait to see!
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  5. JMS Robertson said…
    Oh, my! I can't wait to see what it looks like when it is done! I found your Superhero's Balls recipe on Kris's website, and I make them all the time now! They are sooo good! I add sesame seeds (the light colored ones) as well. Thanks for sharing that recipe! It is making it easier for me to get my school work done...(I'm having more than just one per day....). Jennifer
  6. JMS Robertson said…
    Hi Meghan, Me again - sorry - I meant Kris Carr - your 'balls' were the recipe of the week a while back. I am so glad they have come into my life!!! ;D
  7. seenonflickr said…
    Oh my goodness, Meghan, what a project! I'll be watching with much anticipation! Good luck!! (I love the raspberry-rhubarb colour!)
  8. Maria said…
    I have to ask - if it's not too personal - whereabouts in Toronto do you live? I love your tiny loft-like space and it's exactly the sort of thing I'd like to own some day. Any insight you can offer is much appreciated. :)
  9. Meghan Telpner said…
    Maria- I am at Queen and Dufferin. Great area!
  10. Joe Perketa said…
    Hello Meghan, Thank you for the positive feedback. It is very much appreciated

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