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Glyde On In Without Toxic Spermicide


It’s Organic Sex Week here at Making Love In The Kitchen. All you need to know about making your sex life as whole and healthy, or better said- making sure everything you put in your body is whole and healthy!

Do you know what spermicide is? I mean, I assume you know that it can be squirted up into the nethers and that you can also buy condoms laced in this sperm-killing serum, but do you actually know what is in it?

I know you are now wondering so allow me to explain. The most common of sperm-acide-ing ingredients is a little toxin called nonoxynol-9. As a spermicide, it attacks the acrosomal membranes of the sperm (which is kind of like the hat on the head of the sperm) which paralyzes the little swimmers. Nonoxynol-9 is an alkylphenols, aka a surfactant. These are substances that reduce the surface tension of liquids, allowing them to combine more easily. They are used most commonly in liquid cleaning agents, detergents, and paints. And, my ladies, would you drink a detergent? Well when it goes up into the vag area, you are, just from a different, um… mouth.

The worst part is they’re not even that effective. According to the Environmental Working Group, “a 2004 study found that over a six-month period, the typical-use failure rates for five nonoxynol-9 vaginal contraceptives (film, suppository, and gels at three different concentrations) ranged from 10% to 20%”. So they’re not working and  are theytoxifying our vagsicles. Insult to kooch injury is that according to the CDC, Spermicides causes irritation and increase the risk of HIV.

Other common spermicides include benzalkonium chloride and sodium cholate which are also used in some contraceptive sponges. Benzalkonium chloride might also be available in Canada as a suppository, but you definitely don’t want any chlorides up in your business!

Looking for a natural spermicidal solution? Keep it simple. Lemon juice solutions have been shown to immobilize sperm in the laboratory. And perhaps, we might even have a new use for our lactic acid fermented pickle juice. Lactic acid preparations have also been shown to have some spermicidal effect, and commercial lactic acid-based spermicides are available. I’ll warn you though, before you start making your own type of dill pickle, no published studies on the effectiveness of lactic acid in preventing pregnancy appear to have been done since 1936.

Extractives of the neem plant such as neem oil have also been proposed as spermicides based on laboratory studies.

Now, if you really want to keep the spermies from reaching the eggees during those fertile days in the month, a condom is likely your best bet. But again, you want to make sure they are free of artificifal flavours, colours, and chemicals, just as you would the food you eat. Might I therefore recommend my brand of choice, Glyde. Why Glyde condoms?

  • Organic Flavors: They use organic food grade fruit extracts instead of chemical imitations. Yummy!
  • Fair Trade: Latex rubber is sourced from owner operated plantations. They have a Malaysian manufacturing facility that pays their workers a fair living wage. Love that!
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free: These condoms are made without casein (a dairy protein), and instead uses thistle extract in its recipe.

Question Of The Day: I don’t have one! I couldn’t think of a question that wasn’t uber personal, so instead, just post any old comment below.

35 Responses to “Glyde On In Without Toxic Spermicide”

  1. Emily said…
    Gotta get my name in the drawing for these!
  2. Jennifer said…
    I had no idea there was casein in them either. Would love to try these ones!
  3. steph said…
    hey everyone! i have been using the smaller version of the lady comp (pearly) for just over a year now, and i love it! i am actually selling a lady comp if anyone is interested (i live downtown toronto). i would also like to know what doctor is in support of using alternative methods. mine kept on trying to force me to go back on the pill, so i have been paying to see a naturopath instead. she is amazing and well educated in natural methods!!
  4. Andrea T said…
    Interesting info. Just reading the word "spermicide" makes me itch in a bad way. Years ago I realized that I was allergic/sensitive to nonoxynol-9 (itch and burning) and regardless, if it's toxic to sperm, it can't be good for my insides. The upside of abstinence...
  5. melissa said…
    These sound awesome! I've been looking for a natural alternative and these sound perfect!
  6. Kirby said…
    My boyfriend and I would love to try these out. We are really struggling with finding a combination of nonhormonal/toxic birthcontrol options. Glyde seems like a positive option.
  7. Maegan said…
    Hey Meghan, just wondering if you know what the lubricative gel is composed of as well (for the glyde condoms)?
  8. Melody said…
    Anyone know of a natural spermicide that has some scientific data to support it? I'd want to know how effective it is (i.e. 95%)

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