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Travel Rice Bowl


Packing awesome lunches is no easy task- whether it be for school, for work or for airplanes.

Eating healthy when you are out of your own kitchen can be challenging and eating healthfully while travelling can be right near impossible. My mother got herself on the “harass-a-plenty” list when she failed to declare her apple at security when going into the States which is really just dumb because you can buy an apple as soon as you cross security that you can take onto the plane with you.

Packing a lunch for travelling requires a ridiculous amount of thought. I have had small containers of almond butter and hummus confiscated because I supposed they fell into the ‘gel’ category. I always travel with a small bottle of coconut oil. The oil is usually solid when I leave Toronto and so not a problem, but if I come from somewhere warm to return home, will be liquid and so it becomes banned. See... silly?

The solution to my travel lunch challenge whether it be for school, work or travel is rice. A rice bowl is my meal of choice. It is easy to explain what it is should anyone ask, it doesn’t require a knife, it is mess and smell free and totally delicious.

For our recent flight to BC, my man made us our plane lunches (Ladies- get yourself a nutritionist for a boyfriend, I highly recommend it!). He cooked our rice with turmeric, grilled some veggies (which you could also steam on top of the cooking rice for a one-potter some raw goodies, a little lemon wedge and some sea salt.

As for school/work lunches, this is also perfect. Cook up a big pot of grains at the beginning of the week, grill/steam/sautee your veggies in advance too and the night before put them together, add your sauce or dressing of choice and shazam.

Easy peezy packed lunch. And seriously, who doesn’t love a great rice bowl? Who? Hmm... that’s what I thought.

Travel With Me Rice Bowl

1/2 cup brown rice or grain of choice
2-3 slices sweet potato, steamed, grilled or baked
2-3 slices zucchini, steamed, grilled or baked
3 slices avocado
3-4 mushrooms sauteed or grilled
handful of fresh sprouts, spinach greens, tomato and/or whatever other raw veggie you have around
Wedge of lemon
Sea salt to taste

You don’t get directions for this one. You’re smart. You can figure it out.

Question Of The Day: What is your all time favourite packable lunch for school, work or travel?

28 Responses to “Travel Rice Bowl”

  1. Ameena said…
    Rice travels so well, as do grilled veggies. This is definitely a go to meal for me. The only thing I add is salsa!
  2. I knew Josh was your "boy"! I was confused, but now it all makes sense. :) That is absolutely adorable. I want a nutritionist boyfriend. This is great advice. I always have a salad for lunch and adding grains gives it much more staying power. I pretty much just load up my greens, add whatever veggies, leftovers, pates I have lying around and then add my grains. It's easy to switch up the flavors so you don't get bored, too which is a plus!
  3. Alisa said…
    That looks yummy Meghan! And I think I am right on the timing with you. I am doing a back-to-school free ebook via my blog for portable foods. In all honestly though, I work from home, so my meals rarely need to travel! When they do, I usually pack along a hefty salad or just some homemade snacks.
  4. Ara said…
    Great move you got there! You're just being practical and its a good thing. You'll benefit more when preparing and bringing a pack lunch anywhere you go. You can't only save money but you can eat healthy food. By the way, you can also try using a stainless steel container for your pack lunch. It's more beneficial when you start using it. Because it has features that other container doesn't have. Moreover, you can stack liquids in it, can be able stack up to four different kinds of snacks without needing to mix it all just to fit it all in the container. Here's an example of a stainless steel container. It's affordable and eco-friendly.
  5. Patsy Telpner said…
    Just be very careful. WE made a mistake not declaring the two organic apples I took for the plane trip. Well you would think we tried to blow up the world. Now my husband is treated like a criminal every time he goes to the U.S. which is often since he has U.S. clients. It has become a nightmare, so please beware. AS much as we try to be healthy, the U.S. customs is viscious.
  6. Jason said…
    I would be starving within minutes of eating that meal of rice and veggies, as a fast-oxidizer it would need some protein for me to be satisfied.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      My boyfriend was blessed/cursed with the same metabolism- crazy quick! We put eggs in for him.
  7. Amy said…
    JUST FOUND THIS LOVELY WEBSITE! It's definitely bookmarked in my favourites now! Thanks :) Amy
  8. [...] Rice Bowl Perfection [...]
  9. Bridget said…
    I didn't know you could actually bring your own meals on a plane! That would make meal choices so much easier/better! Do you have to get permission to do that?
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Not at all. You just have to make sure you follow the guidelines of airport security. Best to check with where you're leaving from and where you're landing. In my experience, as long as your food is processed in some way (cooked, cut up etc.) and not liquid, it's a-okay.

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