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Peek inside my fridge and cupboards at home.


This weekend, my husband and I did exactly what we always tell our clients to do. We prepped and readied ourselves for the week ahead. We went shopping, came home, washed and prepped the lot.

Fridge Inspiration via @MeghanTelpner

You may recognize the image above from UnDiet. I did some crazy jigsaw puzzle madness with my editor to make sure this picture got a full page.

This is my fridge at the loft- the kitchen where I work and usually play on the best days ever. This is actually my fridge - not some pretend stock photo fridge. It is what is known as a caterer style fridge as it has all those long shelves. It's awesome for the UnDiet way of eating when you don't need a cold cuts drawer, or a section for all your canned drinks, or even a space big enough for 2L bottles of soda.

At my home, we live in a rental that is not my dream kitchen layout, but the best way to make it work is to keep it organized. This weekend, as we were prepping and readying everything, it occurred to me how little we actually have in our cupboards, given that we don't typically buy packaged or processed foods.

See, often people think eating well is super expensive. It's not. What costs a lot is buying higher end organic or "healthier" processed foods. In my house, as with my work (one and the same really), we aim to just buy ingredients.

Since we all like a little snooping once in a while, I thought I'd let you snoop into my home kitchen when it is completely un-styled!

Snoop away inside my kitchen!

This is our dry goods cupboard where we keep our grains, flours, oils, sweeteners, sea veggies, gluten-free pastas, dried fruit and spices. It looks so bare without those massive boxes of cereals, crackers and cookies.

photo 3

My fridge is stocked mostly with produce- berries and cherries freshly washed and in towels to absorb some of the liquid. I have a whole head of kale washed and dried in the salad spinner, containers of veggies and jars of my home ferments. I also have a large tub of prepped and ready carrots and celery.

photo 5


The freezer full with soups and stews, some berries, our nuts and seeds, and some proteins. That 'Fish' sauce isn't really fish sauce- it was a veg version I crafted up.  It's awesome in asian inspired recipes.

photo 4

And then our smoothie drawer. This is where we keep all our cacao, herbs, Dandy blend and other goodies that we like to add to our shakes. We like to keep everything in jars as we buy in bulk and this makes it way easier to manage.

photo 2

We also have a small pantry where we keep our lentils and beans, back up oils and vinegars, and a few bulk staples. Josh has a cupboard full of his herbal medicines, teas and tinctures.

From these basic staples, I create everything I make for you that gets posted here. It's really not complicated at all. Living and eating this way is remarkably simple, but it's often the process of simplifying that can be the most challenging.

To help you cleanse your cupboards, I have included below one of the videos from our ever-popular UnDiet Meal Prep Made Easy Deluxe Course all about de-cluttering. Watch it!

And if you need a little more motivation, please download this handy guide that goes with the program.


14 Responses to “Peek inside my fridge and cupboards at home.”

  1. Mar said…
    Hi Meghan! thanks for letting up see your kitchen - it is very interesting. Do you think it is best to keep greens such as lettuce, spinach and chards just in the fridge in no plastic bag or air-tight container? I have the feeling the wither faster. What is your theory? Thanks!
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      I like to keep my greens either in a salad spinner or wrapped in a towel in a plastic bag or Abeego beeswax/canvas wrap. This will keep them fresh and crispy the longest.
  2. Parker said…
    Very impressive. I'm just curious if freezing glass jars has ever been a problem for you. I thought it was dangerous, as the glass could crack?
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      The key is to leave about 2 inches of space at the top to allow room for the contents to expand as they freeze.
  3. Kasia said…
    Thanks for sharing this Meghan! I love when people snoop in my fridge! For the most part, my friend's usually comment on the amount of vegetables and fruit are in my fridge - particularly all the greens for smoothies. It's like music to my ears! :)
  4. Anne said…
    Ohhh if only you knew how much I snooped in ur cupboards.... Stopping videos to see what you keep on your shelfs, how you store things, looking at the pics in your book in detail for ideas for my own kitchen! Went through a major re-vamping of my kitchen last month. Just love it! Thank you for the photos- I'm a visual learner and your photos of you fridge, freezer and pantry really appeal to me! I'm learning lots! One question I have: in the photo in ur book the nuts and seeds are in the fridge. You also keep them in the freezer? I keep them in the pantry... Should I be freezing them? Also... Thoughts on freezing avocado? In your book it says not to freeze them but I read recently online that you can for shakes and guacamole. Thank you for the "storing produce for super freshness" on pg 100... Very useful! Wish I could have learned all this stuff in school!! Anne
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Avocados are great frozen with shakes- the explanation didn't quote fit into my book. Maybe 2nd edition! If you have the space, keep your nuts and seeds in the freezer. I have room for them at home, but not in my work kitchen. The pantry would be my third choice.
  5. Jamie Langlois said…
    Great post Meghan! I am in need of a cupboard cleanse and you just gave me a motivation boost to get it done :)
  6. Justin said…
    The snoop was awesome :D We live in a very similar fashion ;) I was delighted to see Ling Zhi mushroom in your pantry. What do you use it for or do you use it often?
  7. Jenna said…
    Love the fridge! Love all the fresh veggies.Would love to know brand and model number of the fridge... The one in UnDiet.
  8. Margaret DuBois said…
    Meghan, 1. You don't have to refrigerate fruits...I read this some where and tried it. My fruit is now in two fruit bowls...One on counter and one on center of table. It works, fruits last just as long and it frees up fridge space. 2. I have the same problem and have not fixed it. Colored glass jars don't exist or are to expensive. Light destroys nutrients...I learned this in a Macrobiotics class I took years ago. My spices, oils and beans are all exposed to light.. Thanks for listening!
  9. Jody said…
    I noticed you keep your carrots in a container of water; is there a purpose to this? Does it keep them fresher/crispy longer?
  10. Bek said… April 14, 2020
    Great article! Fyi the link at the bottom of the page, for your handy guide, does not work

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