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4 amazing ways to amp up your health in 2013


How are you going to do amp up your health in 2013? We do it every year- set ourselves for super health- and frowny, sad face, most of us don’t make it through to December with our resolutions in tact.

Have no fear, I have your back.

So many of you have done our online courses in the past with AMAZING success but I am not so silly to think that you would permanently convert to only drinking green smoothies. That would be super cray-town and not healthy. But I do know that if you have done my Fab Detox, or my Gluten-Free Cleanse, or my 21 Days To Health or even my UnDiet Meal Prep Made Easy Program, that you have had many awesome health building habits stick around through the year and you are better off for it.

That much I know for sure. I want to help you keep the momentum going, or perhaps kick it off! Watch this video and learn how I have you covered.

We have a VERY special December offer!

For the month of December, the first 150 people who register for any one (or more) of the following four programs including UnDiet Meal Prep Made Easy, 21 Days To Health, The Fab Uplift Detox or the Gluten-Free Renewal Cleanse will receive in the mail, our brand new hard copy edition of Meghan’s ever popular Green Smoothie Cleanse. There is currently no other way to get this book and the green smoothie program works in perfect compliment to any one of out amazing group coached online courses.

View the full selection of courses here.

The tough part for you will be choosing. Read the following carefully:

  • Register between now and January 7th 2013 for any one of the above listed four cleanses.
  • Receive the Green Smoothie Cleanse in the mail (sent out first week of January- North America only).
  • Get instant access to all of your online course materials and/or video content.
  • Get instant access to our private online forum.
  • Receive coaching emails beginning January 12th so together we can go through our program of choice.
The catch: We are only selling 150 programs total! Once we hit the 150 mark collectively, we’re sending out the books and shutting down registration in ALL of these our online courses until late Spring/early summer. 
Prices range from $49 for the Fab Detox Class videos up to $279 for UnDiet Meal Prep Made Easy. You will also be receiving the hard copy of our Green Smoothie Cleanse valued at $30. Alright then- time to make your pick!

Questions of the day: What’s your pick? What have you tried already? What do you want to try? What are your 2013 health goals?

See all the programs here.

4 responses to “4 amazing ways to amp up your health in 2013”

  1. Shannon C says:

    I’m a two time Fab Detoxer who is looking forward to round three in January. I would recommend Fab Detox to anyone in a heart beat. If you’re looking to change how you eat but feel you need a bit of support to make it happen, this is the best gift you can give yourself. It was my Christmas gift to myself last year! If you embrace the program, you’ll find new habits already forming by the end and you will have detoxed in a safe way – that’s important. While detoxing can be overwhelming at times, you’ll be surrounded by so many wonderful people (including Meghan) on Facebook and Twitter who are in the exact same boat. It’s a great community to be part of!

    I’ve had great success on Fab Detox and am looking forward to round three because this fall has been hard and one or two new bad habits have formed that need to be kicked to the curb. My overall goal for 2013 is to continue on my path to being as healthy as I can be. Fab Detox will help me get there. I’m also interested in doing the Gluten-Free Renewal Cleanse in 2013. I’m going to explore that for the Spring!

    • Sandra Medina says:

      Hi Shannon C,

      Your post is interesting! I was torn between either doing the Fab Detox or the Gluten Free Cleanse. I ended up choosing the Gluten Free Cleanse and am looking forward to sometime next year doing the Fab Detox. I plan on exploring that. Am looking really forward to both of the cleanses! XOXO

    • Meghan Telpner says:

      Yes! Thrilled you’re taking it on again. You have really seen the revolution unfold and been a founding member of it.

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