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Please Read: A Love Letter Of Magic



I am in a lucky ducky of a position with the work that I do, to receive sweet letters. Lots of very, very sweet letters and I am grateful for each and every one. I definitely read all that you send me and do my best to respond to as many as I can.

Every so often, I get a letter that blows me right our of the water... or rather, makes me get up from my desk and take a break from fretting and frowning over web formatting issues, bookkeeping, editing, budgeting or any other un-fun task that comes with running my biz.

Today, I received a note that made me want to do the running man atop my kitchen counter and cartwheel over my two stoves and wheatgrass sprouter. Today, I took the time to pat myself on the back for a job well done. Today I received a letter that essentially embodied in fewer words than I am capable of, all the reasons why I do what I do 39 hours a day, 11 days a week.

This letter captured all that I work for and at the same time showed the magical powers of right living, a little nutritional support, some hope and inspiration and most of all- the influence of nature to do it's when we let it do it's thing.

Jessica (who wrote the letter below) described finding my website as "random". Can we all agree for a moment that there is no such thing as random?

Please read and let it inspire you!:

Hi Meghan!

This is a long overdue thank you to you and all of the awesome-ness you continue to impart on this planet!!!

My husband and I were having difficulty conceiving. I had been on the pill forever, and coming off of it over two and a half years ago my hormones and cycles were a complete disaster. Every month was devastating when my period would show up yet again, ranging from a 20 day cycle to 40 days. I had absolutely no clue when I was ovulating and the frustration was overwhelming!

I was surfing [the internet]  one day and randomly discovered your website. I ordered several of your e-tutorials including the lunar cycle guide. After following your advice my cycles were regulated within a couple of months. It was such a relief as a sense of balance and control returned to my life again!

I was also totally inspired reading about your adventures at the Balenbouche Estate, and I immediately knew it was a place my husband and I needed to visit. Last June we made the trip to St. Lucia and had an amazing experience there. Uta was a truly wonderful host and we had a blast exploring the estate and the beautiful island overall.

About a month later, we learned that we had conceived our first child, which most likely occurred while we were in St. Lucia. In March of 2011, our son arrived safely and soundly, and I am fortunate to have had a completely natural and wonderful birth experience.

I must extend my sincere gratitude and props to you for everything you do. You are impacting and helping to change people's lives in such positive ways, and I am so happy that I stumbled across your website a year and a half ago. My entire family has benefited from the information you share in countless ways. Thank you so much for all of your amazing and inspiring work, and keep on being awesome:)

- Jessica

12 Responses to “Please Read: A Love Letter Of Magic”

  1. Woo hoo that's amazing!! I know you encouraged me to go off the bill!! 2 months and so so happy!! :) The fog has been lifted!! Thanks for doing what you do Meghan!
  2. Deborah said…
    That's soooo wonderful! Totally made me tear up!!! Thank you so much for sharing that letter with us. xoxoxox
  3. Erin said…
    That's really lovely. You really are a huge inspiration. Many of my major diet changes all happened in the months following your Superfoods Workshop which I took last year and it got me going. I've since spent tons of time reading and learning about holistic nutrition, the raw food diet, veganism, and my family has really benefited as well! (And people who I've since met think I've been eating like this for years!) My husband feels great and he is thrilled with our eating habits (we were relatively healthy before, but it got to a whole new level). And we love all of your recipes that we've tried. Thank you!
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Thank you! And I appreciate all your dedication to trying out each and every one of my recipes :)
  4. Andrea said…
    I read this earlier while waiting for the streetcar and was amazed. What a beautiful story!! And she went to St. Lucia and met Uta and got pregnant there! Wow. Every part of that story is amazing. Then I got home, came here to comment, and saw my sister's comment. When I gave her the gift of that workshop, little did I know what the result would be. "Meghan's recipe" is a familiar phrase in my family. I think I've occasionally asked, "Meghan or Marni?" when inquiring about the source of a recipe. (And by the way, I made your okra soup the other day and threw in a few cubes of frozen garlic scape pesto that I'd made when they were last in season. A+) I keep telling people that the Lunar Cycle Guide does work. Keep up the great work, Megs! You truly are a facilitator of change.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Well thank you! And of course for always being such an amazing cheerleader.
  5. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Ashley said…
    Love this. You make such a fantastic impact in so many people's lives!! Including mine <3
  7. If you're reading, congrats on your addition Jessica! And Meghan you should be so proud for all the work that you do. Honestly, you inspire me every. single. day. I think of you whenever I share information with people about how food choices can impact every aspect of health.
  8. [...] Talk about a trip down memory lane! I was there in 2006 trying to learn and do all I could to get myself healthy. And here I am, back there trying to learn and do all I can to both keep myself healthy and keep inspiring you too! [...]

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