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Podcast Episode 19: The Peanut Allergy Epidemic


Episode: 19

Title: Peanut Allergy Epidemic with Heather Fraser

Guest: Heather Fraser, author of the amazing book The Peanut Allergy Epidemic shares with us all that she learned in researching how and when peanut allergies started to become as widespread as they are today. We discuss the potential link to vaccinations, what people can do to empower themselves. Heather explores what is causing this epidemic and perhaps most importantly, how to stop it. This interview is longer than most but wildly interesting- whether you or someone you know has to deal with peanut allergies, or for anyone contemplating vaccinations.

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25 Responses to “Podcast Episode 19: The Peanut Allergy Epidemic”

  1. karen napper said…
    As a former teacher it was difficult for me to stop bringing peanut butter and jam sandwiches to school. I love my peanut butter! It was necessary however as we had students that had a reaction to peanuts just if they smelled it or were down wind from someone eating nuts outside. That was scary. I also had parents that were complaining about not being able to send peanut butter sandwiches with their kids. Since the students ate at their desks I had to explain to the parents that anyone could touch that desk and go into anaphylactic shock. I am so glad that Heather has written this book.
  2. Love this interview. I would love for my family to hear this podcast, as well to read the book. My youngest brother (now 23), has always had a peanut allergy, and I remember several times growing up when he would accedentally ingest or even just have a peanut in his mouth and the reaction he would have. As such it has been so engraned in me that if you make a nut butter & jam that you never cross contaminate, and always make sure to clean the counter if there is any peanut butter spills. This book is goign to be such a great resource and a big thanks for resources available for choices on vaccinations.
  3. Erin Budd said…
    Interesting, thank you for sharing.
  4. Melanie said…
    This is a very interesting interview and while I don`t doubt for a second that there could be a link to vaccines, both my daughters are allergic to peanuts and one is also allergic to walnuts and almonds and the other cashews and pistachios. We just found out and are pretty shocked. We are healthy whole food vegans, neither child has been vaccinated, there is no history of nut allergies in either side of our families and both girls have been breastfeed past the age of two. I wanted to make sure that neither of them were part of this academic so I have tried to do everything in my power to reduce their likelihood of developing food allergies...but here we are at age 2 and 4 and they both have them! :( So yes vaccines may play a part in some of the cases, but that can`t be the case for us and I wish I knew what it was! Thanks for posting this Meghan! Great food for thought. Oh yeah and I also like your facebook page.
  5. Katie said…
    Great topic!! Does anyone know the web addresses of the site Heather Fraser recommended for vaccine research? I tried to seach for it, but no luck. I'm due with my first child in the fall and I want to know as much as possible before he or she arrives. Thanks!
  6. Gustoso said…
    Peanuts are sprayed with a very toxic chemical. So if you do eat peanuts, be careful of the country of origin, and make sure they are organic ones.
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