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Podcast Episode 19: The Peanut Allergy Epidemic


Episode: 19

Title: Peanut Allergy Epidemic with Heather Fraser

Guest: Heather Fraser, author of the amazing book The Peanut Allergy Epidemic shares with us all that she learned in researching how and when peanut allergies started to become as widespread as they are today. We discuss the potential link to vaccinations, what people can do to empower themselves. Heather explores what is causing this epidemic and perhaps most importantly, how to stop it. This interview is longer than most but wildly interesting- whether you or someone you know has to deal with peanut allergies, or for anyone contemplating vaccinations.

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25 Responses to “Podcast Episode 19: The Peanut Allergy Epidemic”

  1. Sarah said…
    Great interview! My nephew is in the 'peanut free' class at his school, something that certainly didn't exist when I was a kid. I had wondered for the past 4 years what has changed so much to cut the staple granola bar out of kid's lunch boxes!
  2. I really look forward listening to this podcast during my drive to Toronto tomorrow. I have been working in an elementary school for 13 years and the ban on peanuts and more importantly nuts made my life difficult to prepare my lunch for school. Healthy vegetarians often include nuts in recipes to get quality proteins and many other nutritional benefits. I always had to think of creative ways to bring lunch to school that didn't contain any nuts. One thing that really surprises me, is the fact they are still serving peanuts on airplanes. To me, the last place you want to have someone getting an allergic reaction is while being confined in a small aircraft thousands of feet above the ground.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Such a good point. So many airplane snacks are full of nuts and MSG!
      • Peace said…
        I wonder the same! What on earth (or in the air) are they thinking?
  3. Kim said…
    I'm pregnant with a little boy, vaccines as a whole leading to major allergies and autism scares me the most. I have started my readings on how to go about this (shots) but it is hard. Some shots I want him to have at some point and many I don't. The podcast I found very interesting because I thought eliminating peanuts and peanut products during pregnancy would increase my little guys chances of not getting an allergy. I wasn't aware of the "connection" b/w the shot and peanut allergies. I have been more concerned about autism. Great podcast and a lot more to think about. I will put this book on my must read list .... Kim
  4. Peace said…
    Well worth listening to. I would like to see full informed consent being practiced by anyone administering a vaccine, I always assumed this was standard of practice but I've never witnessed this. It's any wonder people are questioning the ingredients and the efficacy of a vaccine when things go wrong. Unfortunately peanut butter is being replaced with soy butter, which I learned from the kids I worked with and they would call it "Fake Peanut Butter." Why is this the "healthier" alternative? All tree nuts are banned in many schools and kid recreational programs. Commented. Blogged. Liked. Twitter is over capacity. Oh wait, following on Twitter (and Tweeted).
  5. Peace said…
    You know, my puppy's vet won't administer multiple vaccines during one visit.
    • Jen Rotstein said…
      The vaccines stay in the body for a number of years but that's no way for drug companies to make they vaccinate again
      • Katy said…
        Just to clear up some potential misinformation: Immunity is different for different vaccinations. Some give you life-long immunity, some give you a shorter immunity period, therefore boosters for the recommended vaccinations are needed, not because of greedy pharmaceuticals (although there are other problems with them).
        • Peace said…
          Here's a source from Dr. Dodd if anyone is interested in reading.
  6. Peace said…
    Or during such a short time frame between vaccines.
  7. I'm so happy you brought up the issue of vaccines! Thank you for this post!
  8. Katy said…
    I listened to the whole podcast. This is my first time visiting this site. It was interesting however, I think that we should use caution in making blanket statements about what causes what. Correlation does not imply causation and it is especially difficult with something like vaccinations because there are also many other wide-spread chemicals and environmental factors in our surroundings that could play a role as well. On my last recent visit to the doctor's I was given some very informative literature regarding vaccinations and what is in them as well as when they should be avoided (for example if some people have an egg allergy for some vaccines). I think that it is getting brought to the attention of the medical community. Be proactive if you are concerned. However, it is also important to read from different perspectives and from different sources.
    • Peace said…
      This is true. That's where the informed consent comes in. That's great your physician went through everything in detail though this is still not common practice (and it should be). Even when I would go to see a physician, I would just take the vaccine and no one would go over anything other than telling me that I'm due for something.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Absolutely- as Heather and I both stressed- the best thing we can do is get informed.
  9. Katy said…
    Sorry to post so much just want to give people some resources in case they want to check them out: It is a non-profit organization made of health professionals and other leaders with a significant amount of helpful info.
  10. Susanna said…
    Loved this interview! thank you Meghan for continuing to look deeper into these very important issues that the mainstream is not addressing. Some very good information about vaccines and allergies, I have always suspected my severe cashew and environmental allergies and asthma I grew up with was somehow connected to vaccines (or part of the cause as most of my health issues started around the age of 2). Until I did my own research and did things the natural way I found much relief from these issues.. unfortunately it took getting diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 28 to wake me up! @Katy- I don't think she used vaccines as a blanket statement, she stated at the beginning that it could be the tipping point of an already compromised immune system.

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