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Podcast Episode 20: Super Immunity with Dr. Furhman


Episode: 20

Title: Super Immunity with Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Guest: Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a world renowned speaker and author on the subject of health, nutrition, disease prevention and super immunity. His latest book comprises the best super immunity food tips with some fantastic recipes making it an ideal book for a transition to a disease fighting, health promoting way of life.  What sets Dr. Fuhrman apart from most doctors is his firm belief and practice with his patients that dietary and lifestyle changes are the key to sustained weightloss and longevity. In my interview with Dr. Fuhrman, we discuss the top super immunity foods, the role of the immune system in cancer, the connection between diet and auto-immune diseases as well as his perspective on flu shots. It was a fascinating interview that is sure to ruffle a few conventional medicine feathers.

33 Responses to “Podcast Episode 20: Super Immunity with Dr. Furhman”

  1. line G said…
    Great interview Meghan! You're better than some professional journalists I've heard! This man is an encyclopedia! I wish I could read his books, as both my parents have died from cancer, and I have severe anemia and blood problems that I'm having trouble improving. Thank you so much for posting this podcast!
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      He really is! A bit tough to break him out of his usual answers to the usual questions but did my best.
  2. Marilene said…
    AMAZING! I want his book! Thank you so much for doing this podcast--Jen, I echo your thoughts! As someone who works in cancer care, I am so glad that you and Dr. Fuhrman are spreading the word about what cancer is and how it develops. We are not born with cancer! Cancer is a genetic disease. Your body suffers genetic damage due to repeated insults (eg. poor nutrition, smoking, environmental pollutants, stress) and eventually regular cells become damaged enough that they behave like cancer cells. The reason this genetic damage happens is because your immune system is weakened and is unable to play the surveillance and clean up role it is supposed to. Dr. Fuhrman hit the nail on the head, our body has everything it needs to work normally and thus be cancer free. Good nutrition makes it possible for our immune systems to stay happy, healthy and on the job! Great job on the favourite so far...thank you so much!
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      I am always interested in your opinion on these things- with your more conventional training. Takes a lot and shows amazing qualities about you that have been able to navigate through everything you are learning and see practiced in the hospital to form your own opinions.
  3. Kate said…
    I follow you on twitter!
  4. Kate said…
    I like you on facebook
  5. Anita Alvarez said…
    Loved the podcast. I'm going to send it to my mom and dad! Thanks!
  6. Thanks for featuring Dr. Fuhrman and SUPER IMMUNITY! We appreciate you being a part of the book tour.
  7. Sheri said…
    I know I will be the 3,162,049th (or so!) person to say this, but thank you, seriously and profusely, for bringing information like this to the surface for the rest of us who aren't as immersed in the health and nutrition field as you are. My parents love when I cook your recipes (and recipes like yours) for them, but they can't seem to go that extra step and believe that this way of eating is health-promoting - and thus worth the effort to change their diet. I think that someone like Dr. Fuhrman is a voice they would be more apt to listen to - because of his mainstream credentials and his scientific explanations. I am really hoping that he will be a perfect resource for me to help them transition to a healthier way of life. (And then eventually they will be able to see crazy things like root vegetables, kale, spirulina and goji berries as kitchen staples!)

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