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Protein Power Flat Breads


How do you know when a nutritionist came from a career in advertising? When even her flour jars are branded.
Here’s another one for you – When is a flour not a flour? When it is made from crazy super high protein and fibre stuff like quinoa and chickpeas. My girlfriend Macy was coming for lunch and I was serving up some fresh salad, a little Soup That Eats Like a Meal, a cilantro pesto, vegetable hummus and knew we needed one more thing.

My best creations happen when my fridge is looking most bare and that was the case for the concoction that became this.

Part of the inspiration likely came from the amazing Ethiopian meal Josh and I had gone nutty over a few evenings before. I made this hot little number in a dry, titanium pan- but do what you need to do to keep things from sticking. The trick is to make it hot and make it fast… That’s what I call Making Love In The Kitchen (yes, I walked myself right into this one).

Protein Power Savoury Flat Bread

1/2 cup chickpea flour
1/4 cup quinoa flour
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp fenugreek, ground
1 tsp cumin, ground
1 Tbs arrowroot flour (helps things stick together)
2 cups of water (add by the 1/4 cup to manage consistency)
1 Tbs of oil

  • Mix all ingredients together in high powered blender or food processor. Because of all the water, needed to make these guys thin, a regular blender should be a-okay
  • Turn on stove to high and heat pan. Drop a little water in and see if it sizzles.
  • Then pour in batter, in a circular motion to cover bottom of pan in thin coating
  • Let this baby cook.
  • When nearly dry, and fully bubbled on top, flip it over and give it a quick cooking on the other side.
  • Can store in the fridge and just heat up before serving.

27 responses to “Protein Power Flat Breads”

  1. Christine says:

    This looks delicious! I will definitely try this out. I love all things bread, cracker and especially gluten-free, and the fact that this is made with quinoa and chickpea flour is even better.
    Thanks :)

    • Meghan Telpner says:

      You could likely have some fun mixing up flour combos. As I am all over coconut right now, I think I might give these a go with coconut flour.

  2. Jes says:

    These look great–kind of like crepes, minus the batter resting time.

  3. Ricki says:

    Sounds amazing! I ADORE injera and have been wanting to try it for years. . . somehow, the fermenting stage intimidates me. But this baby sounds eminently do-able! :)

  4. Deena says:

    What in the world is fenugreek? I have never heard of this!

  5. Aletheia says:

    Wowzers, this looks SO good. I have a huge history of failing at pancake and/or crepe-making, and I have certainly never tried making flatbreads in a skillet, so this’ll be an interesting challenge for me this weekend. :) Thanks for the great idea and recipe! Fingers crossed.

  6. Kent Dolmajian says:

    I have solved many of the issues I have had in the past, just by visiting this site, I would highly recommend it for anyone with the same problems

  7. Stephanie says:

    Love how easy (and tasty!) these look! The timing of this recipe is perfect, as I just decided to go 1 week gluten-free to see “what happens” as I suspect gluten is causing the health issues I’ve been experiencing. I was just wondering what I was going to do for bread, since gf bread is hard to find where I live… this is perfect. I could turn it into a wrap and jam pack it full of veggies and hummus. Thanks Meghan for the inspiration!

  8. Stephanie says:

    I forgot to ask, where did you get your glass containers from? I love them, but I find usually the glass ones are round, or the mouth of the jar is too small to fit a measuring spoon/cup in. Thanks!

    • Meghan Telpner says:

      That is a story unto itself. It involved a rather terrifying trip to a china town warehouse supplier…

  9. Jessica says:

    Hi, these look spectacular. I am just wondering, for someone who is big into soaking and making things myself, I am wondering how to make chickpea flour. I can do the quinoa flour but if you soak and dehydrate the chickpeas would they grind into flour very well? I’m having a hard time picturing it for some reason….thanks!

    • Meghan Telpner says:

      Hmmm…. On a guess I would say to soak, partially process, dehydrate and then grind down. Please let me know if you go ahead with this and what works.

  10. Hannah says:

    Oh awesome! I love everything about this recipe, I’m definitely trying it out asap. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Just Audrey says:

    I love your “branded” flour! I’m an organization/label freak so stuff like that speaks to my soul. : )

  12. Mckinley says:

    What if chickpeas and all affiliated products hurt bigtime? Do you think Spelt or brown rice would work?

    I guess I could just give it a go…I’ll let you know!

  13. Andrea says:

    Hi – looks yummy – have you tried these with teff flour?


  14. sarah says:

    YUM! These were great. The first two were flops, but by the 3rd I had it down. These were great wrapped around your falafel recipe! Thanks! sarah

  15. Love In The Kitchen (@meghantelpner) (@meghantelpner) (@meghantelpner) (@meghantelpner) says:

    protein power savoury flat bread, deeelish. #recipe

  16. peace says:

    Good idea!

    We make these breads using the channa (chickpea) flour as well, it’s a savory crepe called chicklee. It’s not spelled that way, but that’s how I’ll spell it *^_^*

  17. Anna says:

    These look amazing! I tried them but they didn’t work :( Any tips? I ended up adding some oil to the pan as the first one stuck. They all burnt and I couldn’t flip them because they fell apart. How long should they stay one before they’re flipped? Looking forward to trying them again!

    • Meghan Telpner says:

      Your batter may have been too loosey goosey.Try again with a really hot pan and add water gradually. It should be like pancake batter.

      • Anna says:

        Just wanted to let you know that I tried them again and they worked! You were right, I ended up using about 3/4 C of water and they were delicious. Thanks so much!

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