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Quizzle of the Dizzle: Is It Healthy To Mix Business with Pleasure?


The answer- YES! It's amazing and maybe one of the healthiest things you can do!

I get loads upon loads of questions from wonderfully excited people who are about to embark on their career in the health or creative field, seeking tips and tricks on how I manifested this wee little biz of mine. The question always comes down to- and one we were sent last week is whether this is a healthy thing to do or not.

I imagine there is a lot of fear as you would hate for your passion to become work in the icky sense of the word- meaning no more fun.

Now this may not seem, at first,  like a health related question, but it is. It really, really is. Remember that video I shared last week- about the missing link in the secret of health? If we hate what we're doing all day, there is no way we can be our optimally healthy. If we ignore that call for too long- usually the signs just get louder (and often more painful) until we choose to wake up and listen.

On May 1st, in a little over two weeks time, my business, Meghan Telpner Inc., will be turning 4 years old! That is pretty flippymaroo exciting, especially since, when I started this here blog and cooking school, which were both teeny, tiny- I hadn't a clue where I wanted it all to go. I just kept working, envisioning, working more, checking my fear at the door, screwing up and being okay with it, being creative a lot of the time,  and being smart some of the time.

To remind you where we've come together- how about this video- the very first one to ever appear on this blog on September 5th, 2008.

The moral of the story- whether it's taking a leap to start a new business or taking a leap to start a new healthy living and loving routine is that you have to start somewhere, or as my colleague Josh Gitalis says "The best way to get started, is to get started.

The result for me, is that in four short years- I've taught more cooking classes than I can count, had hundreds of people attend my classes and thousands make it to public live events.  I've four sold-out retreats with the 5th on its way (just 3 spots left!), been a regular for a national newspaper, and national television,  and most recently signed my first book deal (and then wrote, shot, edited, edited some more, and edited even more). And most of the time- it's been wonderfully fun.

What I was seeking for my own life was a different kind of reward- one that would breed health, satisfaction and happiness. What I wanted was to earn the honour of being THAT person who maybe taught you something, maybe urged you on a little, maybe helped you get well,  maybe inspired you to chase your dream, maybe helped you get more great food into your life.

Everything I have done has had that one thing as the goal- in the hopes that it might trigger something for more people. Ultimately the goal is and always has been to share and promote health.

That is also why I developed my professional certification program (Culinary Nutrition Expert) and biz coaching workshops so that I could teach you to teach and then you could spread the message. I figure- if I had to suffer through three years working in advertising,and the trials and tribulations of getting a business up and running- than the more others benefit, the better.

For a different perspective- check this interview I did with Philip McCluskey- his intro's kinda lengthy so you may want to skooch ahead some.

Question(s) of the day: In what ways have you mixed business with pleasure?

P.S. If  you want to come play at our Biz Rocking Workshop- gets tips and tricks to take your health and your biz to the next level- join in person or online. All the details are here.

3 Responses to “Quizzle of the Dizzle: Is It Healthy To Mix Business with Pleasure?”

  1. Great interview!! Really enjoyed it :)
  2. Melissa Ramos said…
    Hey there, great interview and yes, Josh is right, the best way to start is to just start. It's amazing when I look back at my own career and all the mistakes I've made and learned from and how scary it was in the beginning. Not how have I mixed business with pleasure? It's no secret that Sexy Food Therapy has divulged a lot of my personal life and while many were in complete shock, the result is that I hit a sweet spot with many who had gone through similar experiences. It became a point of relation and soon enough it caught on. While there certainly is a limit in terms of how much we share, I believe that all businesses could use a little pleasure. I've always been a fan of pushing the envelope. You might be hit with resistance sometimes, but soon, they follow... ...and so they did. Thanks for sharing your story and I'm proud to be surrounded by such fellow Nutrition rockstar colleagues that are helping to spread the healthy word in their own unique style. You rock lady ;) xo
  3. Danielle said…
    Congrats on your upcoming business anniversary! I started following your blog just over a year ago when I began the transition to a healthier life and plant-based diet. Your blog has been such an inspiration for me! From the guest posts you have on various topics to the delicious recipes you create to the great workshops you offer! It has been so fun to see your business grow. After spending many months unsure of what to do with my life following graduating from university, I am embarking a new adventure to Vancouver in the fall for grad school! I am excited for what it will bring and home to combine my passions and work :)

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