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Quizzle of the Dizzle: Should You Go Gluten-Free?


Earlier in the week, at our baking workshop, one of our guests asked the question- “If I’m not gluten-intolerant, is there any point to going gluten-free?”

Gluten in food is a lot like mortar (the kind you use to bind bricks together). It’s thick and clumpy and makes things bind, holds them down, clumps stuff up- and that’s about it.

There is absolutely no nutritional value in gluten. You definitely don’t lack anything if you cut it out. If anything you gain lots! Gain in nutrient absorption, gain in energy, gain in improved mood, gain in thought clarity, gain in better digestion. What you just may loose, however, is a little junk from that junk, other food sensitivities, mood swings, blood sugar issues, headaches aches and pains.

As I say in the video, it is well worth giving it a try. With nothing bad to lose and everything amazing to gain, why wouldn’t you want to see what you feel and look like when you know longer have the food industry’s version of brick mortar gunking up your insides.

When you cut out gluten, you will essentially be detoxing yourself of a whole lot of  crap and gunk that has been built up and glued to your insides.


63 Responses to “Quizzle of the Dizzle: Should You Go Gluten-Free?”

  1. Christy said…
    I have actually tried going gluten free with mild to moderate success in the short term. I attempted this on the advice of a friend of mine who had been suffering from serious stomach pains and issues for over 2 years. She was able to make a full recovery by going gluten free. I have been suffering from digestive issues for over 3 years now dating from a 6 month bout of various infections and prolonged anti-biotic use in 2009/2010. This lead to problems with intestinal candida. I went gluten and completely sugar free for a month and it fixed the most serious issues but I still have tummy trouble. I am now what I would call gluten light because I end up having gluten, whether on purpose or accidentally, one-two times a week. I know that gluten and sugar are both causing me to feel lethargic but I can't seem to break away again. I need to get serious about being gluten free again but it is very difficult when you don't have the time or energy to put into food preparation and end up relying too heavily on prepared food or convenience food.
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  3. Andrea said…
    Great video, and great reminder! I tend to forget about some of the benefits because I rarely consume gluten anyway.
  4. still not convinced you should go #gluten-free? you must watch this vid
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