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Ready to join a class from anywhere in the world?


You have been asking for it and what you ask for- I always do my very best to deliver. This has been months in the making with loads of interviewing for the perfect crew, testing for the perfect equipment and building for the perfect home to hold our brand shiny new Live Stream Classes!

We have done some before using our own equipment and weren't overly thrilled with the picture quality. Up there above is the big fancy machine that our crew is going to be using to bring you our Fab Detox class Live in real time, in tip top HD quality!

This is the real deal! That's Maeve down there below pushing buttons for fun. That is some serious machinery!

You will be able to chat with us live through the chat functionality. Maeve will be online through the whole class sharing your questions, and you will get to take part as if you were here in the kitchen with us.

We are running this class as the kick off to the Fab Detox, but you can also register just for the live class if that suits you better. As with our in person classes, everyone who participates in the live stream class will get a little booklet of info emailed out in advance, that includes key information and all the recipes to be made during the class. You'll get to kick back in the comfort of your home, take notes, sip on your tea or smoothie or even invite friends over to get the full community vibe that we have here in the kitchen when we teach.

Since you aren't able to taste test everything, we are compensating by granting you lifetime access to the class. Once you are registered, even if you can't join live, or loved it so much you want to watch it again- it will be available to you forever and ever.

Our first live stream class will be running next Saturday, September 22nd from 12:00pm- 2:30 pm EDT

Registration closes at midnight this Sunday!

Here is a rough outline of what we'll be covering in the class:

  • Opening welcome, outline of how it will be working.
  • Breakdown of how the body rocks the cleanse and detox functions and I whip up the first recipe (got to keep some secrets).
  • Question Break
  • 2nd recipe gets made and I chitty chat about some key detox ingredients.
  • I make one of my most favourite bread alternatives and demo how to sneak extra nutrition power into it.
  • Question Break
  • I make up a super powered spread for the bread option- again offering suggestions of you can slip some super detox power into the diet.
  • Question break
  • Recipe #5 is ready to be made- an amazing detoxing at work or on go dish that is a staple in my fridge.
  • Tah-dah- we have a special clinical nutritionist (and my husband) Josh Gitalis- pop into chat about key herbs for detox
  • Yes- you can have desserts on a detox. Recipe #6 is another of my faves to resolve that sweet craving while still supporting all our detox efforts.
  • Breakdown on lifestyle cleansing habits- these are the easy breezy little things we can do everyday that have BIG impact
  • Question and answer.

If you are in- you MUST REGISTER before bedtime on Sunday.

More program details and registration are here.


ps. The Live Stream class is super on it's own, but  we highly recommend however that you sign up for the full program so you can get the benefit of 16 days of coaching- plus  you'll also be entered to win one of two Blendec Blenders.

4 Responses to “Ready to join a class from anywhere in the world?”

  1. Shannon C said…
    Thanks for the sneek peek. Meghan! Can't wait.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Me too!
  2. mary cairns said…
    When is next class. Am very interested.

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