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Cinnamon Bun


When I took the bus to school in high school, I had to pass through the Yonge/Eglinton Subway station. Inside was a Cinnabon. For those of you who live outside the 30 countries where thay are now located,  or  managed to avoid shopping malls your whole life (and for that I would envy you), Cinnabon is the sweetest smelling cinnamon bun bakery there ever was. They are  steamy hot, oooey, gooey, chewy and dripping in the sweetest icing.

And passing through the building, smelling these at 3:30pm on a daily basis was torture. To my cravings and to my bum size. According to online sources, one Cinnabon contains 800 calories.

Now, that's a butt load. Like a seriously big butt-load. I am not a fan of nutrition labels as for the most part, ingredients mean way more but I thought I'd share the nutritional profile of a Cinnabon:

Calories 880
Calories from Fat 320
Total Fat 36g
Total Carbohydrates 127g
Dietary Fiber 2g

Now, you're probably looking at that total fat and thinking nasty thoughts at those smart Cinnabon people for blowing the sweet cinnamon and sugar air at you as you walk by. But check the cals from carbohydrates. Notice also that only 2 grams come from dietary fibre. That means that there are at least 125 grams of sugar in each bun (in the form of straight up sugar, or the disguised kind in the form of white flour). Now, I did also look into the ingredients and I thought I'd let you know that the fat in those, comes from margarine- partially hydrogenated (and totally GMO) soybean and cottonseed oil. I also discovered at least 8 different types of sugar.

Needless to say, the smell has long since become nauseating and I have long since been searching for something much, much better.


And then there are mine.

Not quite as oogey, gooey and chewy, but also not as toxic.


My goal for these buns, were for them to be gluten and yeast free. They also had to be free of any other garbage vegan ingredients like vegan-margarine, shortening, or anything else made with a suspect cocktail of toxic oils. Of course, I also wanted them to be made with unprocessed flours, unprocessed sweetener and a bonus would be a recipe that would also make my vegan lovers happy.

This amazing recipe from on of my fave recipe blogs, Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen, served as the inspiration.

I ground the flour myself, so this is seriously made from scratch. These fibre rich, just sweet enough, whole food based cinnamon buns are amazing. Really, very, very amazing. You might be the type to go for icing, but I go for some organic butter or a few slices of sheep cheese.


Now what is the calorie count for these gems? I haven't a clue and don't care. They are whole, unprocessed, made with quality ingredients, including good oils. As long as you don't go eating the full tray full at once, I promise you have nothing to worry about.

Enjoy these Cinnamon Buns with:

Question Of The Day: What is your favourite childhood dessert that's you've since upgraded for health/taste/wholeness or just cause?

ps. If you're looking for more sweet treat inspiration, check out my Sweet Tooth Healthy Treats Class. And if you want help with your bread baking adventures, we've got Get Baked: Gluten-Free Style.

pps. One week today, I'll be presenting to the University of Toronto Medical School. A few spots are still available for the public. Get details here to RSVP.

21 Responses to “Cinnamon Bun”

  1. Jill said…
    I LOVE cinnamon buns, especially the puffy light ones. Our high school cafeteria sold them and I had to have one each morning. These look pretty good, they seem to look more dense, I will have to try these out. Quick question on the buckwheat flour, can it be replaced with a different type of flour ? or can you use all brown rice flour ? Thanks for the recipe !!
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      You can try a different type. With gluten-free flours though, I prefer to mix and match. And yes- they will definitely be denser than the processed version. No yeast and lots of fibre and protein will do that.
  2. Karen said…
    I have wanted to hug you many times before for your wonderful insight and recipes but today I could kiss you smack on the lips!!! My beautiful husband and I used to live in Toronto and Y&E was "our" stop and I agree that the Cinnabon was indeed intoxciating and nauseating. As the weather here in Ottawa turns to back to school temperatures, these will be the perfect treat to warm the cockles. Thank You!!
  3. WOW. That's all I have to say. No, wait: AMAZING. I am totally making these!! Healthy cinnabons? You are a rockstar! When I made over my favorite crumby coffee cake, I thought that was the best ever, but I'm pretty sure this one takes the cake!! xo
  4. karen napper said…
    Wow, I will have to try making these. I am a cinnabon lover and I now stay away from them. Maybe these will take away my craving for cinnabons!! Thanks Meghan! :)
  5. Ashley said…
    I made this recipe once -- it was so delish! loved the addition of the sweet potato. Would also be delish with some whipped coconut milk on top...
  6. These sound amazing!! I love cinnamon buns but haven't had them forever. I am an icing girl though!! If you aren't gluten free - do you think you could just switch those flours for regular flours?
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Of course- but still be sure to keep them whole. No all purpose flour allowed ;)
  7. Erin Budd said…
    I recently made raw cinnamon buns that looked very similar to your photos above, and they tasted good too.
  8. Monday, Monday so good to me- start it with this and it will be!
  9. Who's brunching this morning? I'm having this and you!?
  10. Sara Miller said…
    Hi, these look delicious and will definitely try them. I've been trying out various gluten free recipes because of my son, and I was surprised not to see xanthum gum in the ingredient list. Aren't they crumbly? Sara

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