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My Medicine Of Choice. Morning Green Juice.


Ready for another delicious challenge? This Friday we’re going 5 Days Low Glycemic Eating! Time to get that appetite under control and kick those sugar cravings to the curb! Also- only single spots left for the January retreat, and only a few at that. Come play in the sun!

That is where my medicine comes from. That is my green juice remedy.

It’s amazing when we get something that we think is the worst thing ever and slowly but surely we learn that it might be the best thing ever. Stay with me here...

This Friday we kick off a whole new Low Glycemic Eating Challenge. Are you in it to win it? Everyone wins this one, as long as you try.

This way of eating, is hitting close to home of late as I have been working very closely with my dad as we join forces to heal him from a pesky case of prostate cancer.

Is it possible that cancer is not really anything to be afraid of? Is it possible that, as a society, we have so much fear around it because we are approaching it all wrong? What if we were to stop waging war to find a cure, give up the whole ‘fight against cancer’ and instead look at cancer as a great big blimp coming down from above to squash us like a pancake for our failure to listen/see the signs in our lives that brought us to this point?

This is a touchy subject I know, and I fully and completely recognize the need for research and treatments for the cancers we don’t see coming, for those labeled ‘aggressive’, for children born with it, for people whose first symptoms are near their end. I get that, but that is not the majority. For the majority of the population, cancer is wholly and completely preventable, and perhaps even heal-able.

Have you heard the quote, “Bombing for peace is like effing for virginity”?.

Seems to me that this is the modern approach to treating cancer. The body is down and out and we kick it a few more times. Why is it that we believe people succumb to cancer as a leading killer, rather than consider, just for a moment that it may be the radiation and toxic chemotherapy that could be killing people? Is it possible that the leading cause of death for people with cancer is not the cancer at all but the treatment?

Last Monday, on my birthday, my family received amazing news. My father has been on a strict Low Glycemic Eating plan for nearly two months now. He starts his day with green juice, enjoys vegetable and berry based smoothies loaded with high in good fat seeds and superfoods, along with loads of salads, steamed veggies, veggies soups with miso, moderate amounts of whole grains, fish and loads of herbal teas.

Last week he got his first set of test results and in just one month, his PSA score is down a full point and his joint inflammation from his severe arthritis is at a minimum!  That is a massive change as both had been increasing steadily for the last three years. To reverse it that dramatically in such a short time is nothing short of amazing. His body is healing.


Should we let the peeps know that the ‘cure’ they’re wearing pink and running their hearts out for, might just be found in healing the body with diet,  therapeutic nutrition, meditation, traditional healing methods and attitude? That to heal the body of any disease, the body needs it’s key components- all the things that make it run most efficiently? Or let them keep raising money for drugs while feeding cancer patients reconstituted potatoes, jello and apple juice? The body needs fuel to heal, and that fuel must stabilize blood sugar and nourish the cells, not deplete them further.

David Wolfe made a comment at the Longevity Conference that made so much sense, “If someone gave me a smoothie that was supposed to help me and made me violently ill, I think I would have to assume it just wasn’t for me”. We make that connection with food all the time, but why doesn’t that extend to medications or treatments?

What if a combination of the right food, with the right therapeutic nutrition (supplements), the right attitude, rest and relaxation could heal cancer the same way it can reverse type two diabetes, heal me from Crohn’s Disease, minimize inflammation, restore adrenal function, combat pneumonia or even the common cold? What if it wasn't about finding a cure, but simply healing?

If illness is the break down of immune function, cancer is like the immune system throwing it’s hands in the air and simply saying, We give up!

Depending on where a person is at in their life, what their energy levels are, what foundation their health has been built on and what they are open to, is it possible that we can heal from cancer by working with it, rather than fighting against it? Is it possible that we can look at cancer as a severe immune malfunction and so, rather than threaten the immune system further with body weakening treatments, build the body up with strengthening remedies? What if, while the doctors take a wait and see approach with our life, we heal and repair it? All of it!

This is not a new theory. Far from it. This is the oldest theory of all, it just doesn’t make anyone much money.

Making our own choices when it comes to health is very tough. Responsibility for our lives and the lives of our loved ones is a precious thing to have in our own hands. I sure hope I am right on this. I do have proof that whether you take this approach on its own, or in partnership with conventional treatments, then you are on a health building track. If I personally may be exhibit A, I am counting on my dad to be exhibit B.

If you have a chance, please listen to or download this fantastic interview with Charlotte Gerson on this very subject!

On Friday, together, we’re going Low GI. Don’t wait for that giant blimp to knock you down before you make the changes you need to make. Don’t let pain be your messenger!  If you were diagnosed with a disease tomorrow and were told this way of eating would help, you would make the change in a heart beat, so let’s do it together, now. This way of eating can only ever help!

Wahooooo! (That can be our team cheer). All week and into next week I’ll be serving up some great low glycemic eating recipes and info but for now, here’s a reference of what’s already appeared here:.

Morning Green Juice Power
1 cucumber
4 stalks of celery
2 inches peeled ginger root
1/2 lemon, peeled
4 leaves of kale
1/2 apple

  • Juice.
  • Drink.
  • Heal.
  • Repair.

The question of the day is simple, and before you go sighting about how so-and-so was saved by chemo etc, just think about what I’ve written and ask yourself with complete honesty, letting go of whether you are married to, are yourself etc a doctor.

Question Of The Day:  Does what I have written ring true to you at all? And what is your medicine of choice?

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30 Responses to “My Medicine Of Choice. Morning Green Juice.”

  1. Marisa said…
    Meghan, this is AWESOME, I am so happy for your dad! That's amazing that eating well and the uplifting beat of your message can make a person think for a moment that maybe we really can conquer this, and we will. There is something in this post that is uplifting...I think it's hope!
  2. Good mawnin! Skip the yawnin, drink this (like my poem?) #recipe
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