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MSG-eezle McPoison Part 1: What Is This Poison?


This week we focus on the hidden dangers of processed foods, specifically MSG. Join us this week for much researched information, anecdotes and videos on the subject.

What are we not consuming? Well, we are not consuming all those heavily processed, often GMO-soy-based, sodium saturated and MSG rich veggie foods. How I wish they weren’t still rampant at the Veg Fair this year and how I wish wish wish people didn’t still buy into the concept that simply being vegan, no matter how processed the goods may be is better than eating foods from animals (a la the tragic best selling book with the B-word in the title- if you know what book, well, then you know what I am referring to).

The boyfriend I had while in nutrition school had a thing for bad food. He also had a thing for taunting, tormenting and poking me in just the right spot to make my head spin with frustration over his love for bad food. He would regularly do the following:

  • Call me from a fast food drive through just in time for me to hear him order.
  • Call me with random questions like “Are M&M’s good for me?” I would answer, and he would follow up with “Even the orange ones? Maybe they have some vitamin C?”
  • And tell me that kids need MSG to help them build antibodies and get strong.

Our very last ‘discussion’ involved him speaking the words that broke my heart, You think I wouldn’t take the kids to McDonald’s when mommy’s out of town. Done and done.

That last argument started after my insistence that no one, let alone small children with developing brains and nervous systems should be consuming anything with any kind of MSG, Monosodium Glutamate, Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract, Flavour Enhancer 621 or any number of names given to the very same toxic additive.

MSG is my ultimate poison. One day when my present (and future) love of my life are sitting around remembering the good old days of our first year together, we may just laugh about the time his sister-in-law, completely unknowingly, almost killed me.

I was having dinner with his family, who all eat very well and very clean. Towards the end of the meal, I stopped being able to focus on the conversations around me. I was seeing caterpillars in my line of vision and when I leaned over to my man and said that I thought I was having an allergic reaction, it was a struggle to get the words out.

That is what MSG does to my brain. Did my sister-in-law feed me poison food? Nope. She had made an onion soup, from near scratch. The one packaged ingredient was an ORGANIC chicken or veggie broth. She put it only a little to the whole pot, and I ate only a little in my bowl. The ingredient of hazard, as listed on the ingredient label was not Monosodium Glutamate but Yeast Extract. Same. Same.

I get a complete neuro reaction. I lose the ability to focus my eyes, I have trouble speaking my thoughts. After some time, I get my vision back but then I experience complete numbness that moves from my hand so that I can’t hold or carry anything, up my arm to my nose, tongue and lips. Once the poison makes it way through my system, I am left with a killer migraine and a buzzing that doesn’t let me sleep. I wake up the next day with, what feels like, the worst hang over of my life.

And many food manufacturers claim this to be a harmless substance. I am a grown woman, imagine what this toxin, not so different from aspartame, is doing to our still developing kinder.

Through out this week, we’ll be taking a bit of a deeper look into what this toxic and prevalent substance is all about.

Question Of The Day: Do you get any icky reactions to specific foods or spices that perhaps go beyond just plain old allergy?

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