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Roasted Peppers and Capers



You know how there are photographers who are all over photographing babies, or buildings, or doors, or cars. If I were a photographer, I would photograph peppers. They are gorgeous!

Now, given the letter that I wrote last week about the importance of food and healing, I would like to say that peppers are not for everyone. They belong to a group of veggies that fall under the nightshade family. Nightshades include peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes.

Now, I will never indulge in potatoes because of the glycemic load (or lack there of!). But the other guys, I will have once in a while, when prepped in my most favourite of ways.

These would include:

See, nightshades have this phytochemical called solanine in them. And solanine, in peeps who are sensitive, will promote and/or exacerbate inflammation and, well, most of us don’t need more of that if we are already suffering. With that said, having recovered from such an inflamed state of health, I do limit my intake.

When I go to the market though and see these glowing beacons of red, orange and yellow, busting out with phytonutrients that will support immune health in all manner of ways, what choice do I have but to roast them up, toss them with some herbs and olive oil and throw in a couple capers? No choice. No choice at all.

Roasted Peppers and Capers

six peppers, in an assortment of colours
1/4 cup organic capers (from a bottle, not a can)
2 Tbs olive oil
2 Tbs dried oregano or 1/4 cup fresh
sea salt and cayenne to taste

  • Preheat oven to 400
  • Slice peppers in quarters and de-seed
  • Lay out on roasting pan, pizza pan, or parchment lined cookie sheet
  • Roast for 20-30 minutes, until soft and skins start to blacken
  • Remove from oven, run under cold water or sit to cool
  • Option: peel skins off- Skins will peel off much easier when cooled
  • Slice in narrow strips lengthwise
  • Toss with olive oil, herbs, salt, pepper and capers

Question of the day: What food do you think is the most beautiful as part of a summer meal?

2 responses to “Roasted Peppers and Capers”

  1. anne says:

    I didn’t know this about nightshades? I often feel nauseated after eating exactly those four vegs, and now I’m wondering…I have celiac disease, not Crohn’s, but it’s the constant-stomach-ache-and-flareups kind of celiac not the I-can-cheat-and-nothing-really-happens kind. I know you don’t offer specific nutritional advice, but are there tutorials, articles or blog posts that you wrote about the food you ate, or food you recommend that people eat, while still healing, or to combat – not pre-empt – inflammation? I’ve poked around your older blog posts and I’ll poke some more but thanks if you can help me :-)

  2. Aletheia says:


    I've always wondered about the origins of the caper though. Is it a vegetable? A part of a vegetable? I'm going to have to look this up!

    xo aletheia

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