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Send Some Love Today Day


We all need to feel a little love sometimes. We know how crap-ass it feels when unkind things are said to us and we know how sweetly delicious it feels when nice, loving, from the heart things are said to us. Now I know the buddhists teach us not to get too attached to others words and others thoughts (or even to our own thoughts for that matter). But we are all human and try as we might, we do care. Today I received this delicious email, out of the blue:

"When I think of the good things in my life right now I have to include you and the devotion you give to your educational blog as one of them. I can't thank you enough for all that you are willing share. You are a vast reservoir of knowledge! Good health should not be something reserved only for the affluent who can afford fancy shmancy nutrition coaches. Thank you for giving so much of yourself and your time to maintain an amazing blog chock-full of recipes, tips for a healthy spirit..., knowledge to empower... and I love that it is fun and so uniquely YOU too. By incorporating the knowledge you have shared and participating in your affordable tutorials I have learned SO much and have seen improvements in my health. I feel stronger just by knowing more - ignorance is not bliss - especially in regards to our health!

I initially logged on to just tell you how amazing your cream of broccoli soup recipe was. My whole family loved it! Left on my own, it NEVER would have occurred to me to substitute cashews for dairy in a creamy broccoli soup. But I couldn't stop at merely saying thanks for a great soup recipe. I had to express my gratitude for you. I hope you can see the value and feel the worth of what you do every day for many eager pupils, myself included.

And to think this all began as I googled how to make sprouts at home a little over a year ago... I'm so glad I stumbled upon you.

Keep up the good work! "

And do you know what affect this had on me. Well for one, it warmed my heart. For two, it gave me a little pat on the back for the work that I do and that doesn't come around too often when you are self-employed and spend most of your day with your computer. And for three, it made me want to work even harder to share more and teach more and learn more myself.

A couple weeks ago, I sent a letter to the manager of my bank, letting him know how fan-freaking-tastic my account manager is. I mentioned that I am only a small business now, but that things are growing. That letter went all the way to the regional vice president who sent me a letter directly thanking me for taking the time to write the note. Andnot that this was my intention in the least, but those banking people are taking even better care of me now. It is amazing how easy it can be to pay it forward.

The purpose of paying it forward, is obviously not to expect anything in return. But I promise you, you absolutely will. Just like hearing something nice feels good for the listener, saying something nice feels good for the sayer. Be a sayer and spread a good word today. I want each of you to write a note, whisper a sweet nothing, buy some flowers... express a little love, positivity and/or reinforcement to someone... anyone! Words have an amazing power to heal. Read more on that here.

Much love to you all!


6 Responses to “Send Some Love Today Day”

  1. Jody said…
    Wonderful post - it's so true how kind words can make your day and how harsh words can ruin it (although as you mentioned we shouldn't take these words to heart but for most of us this is hard.) Your blog is amazing. I've learned a lot, got some amazing recipes, and laughed - what more could you ask for. Have an amazing day.
  2. Jenn said…
  3. Laurie said…
    And much love back to you Meghan. Thanks for everything you do!
  4. Hi Meghan, Just stopped by today to say "I SEE you." I love how you pay it forward. Much Warmth, R
  5. Patti said…
    Let me send some love your way today. I have been meaning to email and let you know how you have influenced my life. I am ALWAYS talking about your website and giving out the address! Just ask my friends, my acquaintances and even strangers! Recently I was in Maui on a yogag retreat- told everyone there, last night at yoga, same thing. Thank you. You are an amazing wealth of information, and I so wish I could attend your workshops. You are an inspiration and I often pause wondering if it's not "too" late to get a certificate in wholistic nutrition. Thank you!
  6. Ashley said…
    I read your blog because I feel the love radiating through. It's contagious and I adore it.

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