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Send That Baggage Packing


What does your recording say? What is your programming? What have you packed in your baggage?Why on earth am I asking you these seemingly ridiculous questions?

I am asking them because if I didn't bring this up, someone else might, or worse- no one would at all. Then you end up as a failed rock star at an American Idol audition. That's what happens when you don't get the truth.

I used to date as a past-time. When the date didn't turn into a nutritional consult, it often turned into a therapy session.   I started to get the feeling that dating was an opportunity for two people to meet, for them to open up the baggage they dragged around with them, empty out the contents piece by piece, and leave it up to the person on the other side of the cafe table to decide whether any contents of this baggage were deal breakers or not. More often than not, I walked away from these dates/therapy sessions praying to baggage handlers the world over that these fine people would be blessed with the lightness that would come should their baggage be lost.

Often however, we don't recognize this in ourselves. We just carry on, living with the agreements we have come to know as our truth, living and thinking (and often eating) in such a way because everyone else does it the same way and so it seems normal and okay. Dear me oh my! Say it ain't so.

Baggage may be painful for the person who is presented with the contents, but take a moment and imagine how exhausting it must be for the person who has to keep packing, unpacking and baring the weight of that heavy load? Though often we recognize, take personally, get offended by, grow tired of, or worse- dismiss the weaknesses in others, maybe we should, at these times, try and help them out a bit. If their actions, words, and habits are hard for us to take, imagine how they must feel carrying it around 24/7.

I have been told many-a-time (usually by my beloved momma) that I am highly critical.  I don't go to yoga and meditate and long for sunshine and beaches because calmness comes easy to me. Now, couple that  tendency with a career in health and nutrition and wow does it take the practice of non-judgment to a whole knew level.  As long as we judge and criticize others, we continue to judge and criticize ourselves and vice versa. This isn't good for anyone really and for this reason, I have decided to implement a new challenge in my life and I hope you will join me.

Free of Judgment Challenge.
Join the challenge and share the challenge (but don't judge others if they don't want to play). You can join the challenge simply by entering a comment below.  By commenting below, that is your contract to practice 10-days of judgment free living. I don't expect this to clear judgyness and criticalness out of your or my life forever, but it will bring oodles of awareness to our thoughts.

Rules of the game

  • 10-days without judgment
  • Should you catch yourself judging, you must make note of this. This can be done by snapping a band on your wrist, writing it down, making a little tick on a piece of paper, sending yourself an email with the subject line "Judger" or any other way you feel will work to keep track.
  • Judgment on yourself counts.
  • Declaring something as being very judgmental does not excuse it, or make it okay. You must still mark it down because you had the judgmental thought.

Increase chances of staying judgment-free by sharing this 10-Days Free of Judgment Challenge by commenting below, posting to your Facebook and/or twitter, creating a challenge in your school or work place, emailing to your friends etc. and keep me in the loop by including your initiatives in your comment below,. As a reward you will receive lots of non-judgmental love from me and the greatest gift will be spending ten days with people who have checked their judgment at the door.


29 Responses to “Send That Baggage Packing”

  1. Malakai said…
    I judge myself and others way to much. Great post meghan! I'm definately in.
  2. Dakota said…
    Hello! Thanks for this post. I am in.
  3. Jennifer said…
    Boy do I carry baggage and judge myself and others! I admit I have been working on the baggage but cant claim I have done so great on judgment. I'm in!
  4. Kristy Lynn said…
    I also work in health, and focus on food, lifestyle, etc. It does create many opportunities and urges for judging others, and even knowing it's not good, like the people I am judging, I do what's bad for me anyway. This sounds like an awesome way to break the funk, and at the very least, give the ppl in my life a break! I'm in.
  5. Ellena said…
    Im in. Just last night i had this horrible wierd conversation with my Mom. Then this morning, in my time with God I confessed all of my unforgiveness toward her and how I just wanna let go. I don't really go around being judgemental and critical, however, when its with someone that has deeply hurt me in the past, I am. So, here is to letting go of the chains of unforgiveness(though it may always hurt) and moving towards a relationship free of judgement. I am so grateful for challenges!
  6. Stacy said…
    love it! i'm in.
  7. Morgane said…
    Thank you for making us think about how we think!
  8. Darryn said…
    Haha, truth told on the American Idol bit. Thanks for this post. I know I need this challenge at this particular stage in my life (esp. when it comes to passing judgment on myself), and I thank you for this!
  9. Karin said…
    Fanned! I think this is truly THE crux issue with our American culture. Judgment is rampant in our media, in my workplace, and among so many of my called "friends" and family. It's also about expectations and whining about the failures of same. Pessimisim and complaining is dangerously ubiquitous. (OOO, just realizing how judgmental this sounds.) YES! I plan to submit this challenge to my Office tomorrow morning. Jar in the office, that you add coins too, when you catch yourself, or others catch you at it. I have worked on this for so long, but find it's like training for a marathon, you have to keep putting in the effort and build-up conditioning to perform well in the long run.
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