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Slow Juicing Your Way to Abundant Health


Where did I find this?: When I started to heal myself with nourishing foods, the first stop was juicing heaven.  I needed a super powered juicer- one that would ensure maximum nutrients from my veggies and fruits, with minimum damage to the cell walls. During my research for the perfect machine, I came across this handy video (see below). For some reason it made me giggle a lot, but it also proved the point and I was sold.

Why I Love It: Slow juicers ensure the cell walls of my fruits and veggies stay intact, so all the nutrients and enzymes aren't lost or oxidized- keeping it closer to it's natural form. As a juice without as much fiber, though, my body absorbs these essential nutrients much quicker into the blood stream- like a party for your cells! It's also a super way to get a little leaner- getting loads of nutrients in a concentrated form, as in juice, means you get all the goods your bod needs, while taking in less bulk and calories.

Why You Will Love It: Don't be fooled by the name "slow" juicer- the Hurom actually juices faster than your average high speed juicer, plus you get more juice out of less produce. Shazaaaaam- talk about win/win! The parts are small and few- which makes it super easy to clean. Oh and fresh pressed juice is amazing. It will make your cells dance and in return, you will be too.

Why You Need It: Juicing is the easiest way to get essential nutrients in- detoxifying your liver and other organs, increasing energy and your mood and helping to make other foods more digestible.  For a lot of peeps with chronic illness who aren't able to consume solid foods during periods of flare-ups, juice is the answer.  For those trying to include more raw fruits and veggies into their diets, juice is the answer. For anyone looking to shed some junk from the trunk, clear up the skin, have shinier hair, and way more energy and vitality...guess what? You got it. Juice. is. the. answer.

Tell me: What's your favourite juice combination?

13 Responses to “Slow Juicing Your Way to Abundant Health”

  1. I'm a juice-a-holic too! After using my Vitamix and a strainer for a very long time, I finally caved and bought a juicer on Kijiji this week. Let's just say I've been juicing up a storm! My favourite combo is a mixture of spinach, kale, celery, apple, lemon juice, and a big hunk of ginger. SO good!
  2. Nanda said…
    My favorite combo is cucumber, celery, spinach and some cantaloupe. I did reserch a lot before purchasing my Omega Vert. Omega and Huron are exactly the same machine, price and is manufactured by the same company in Korea, but what sold me out is the 10 years warranty that Omega offers you vs. 1y from the Huron. You tube has great videos comparing various machines. Regardless, juicing is a fantastic way to gain your health back. It's a must in a home.
  3. Christy said…
    I actually have the Omega vert 350 juicer. It's the same basic machine as the hurom but has a better warranty so I chose to pay a little more just in case something happens to it. I love my juicer! One of my favourite juices is carrots and oranges simple but so very tasty it's great mixed with some chia seeds before a work-out for some extra energy. I also love to juice cucumber, apple, carrot, spinach and lemon. I am trying to experiment and try other combinations but these are the two that have really stuck around
  4. Andrea said…
    I've been wanting one of these for awhile. When I finally have money to spend again, which will happen soon, I'll buy a used one off Craigslist or Kijiji. (And come on another retreat. ;) ) When I buy kitchen appliances I don't cheap out.
  5. Michelle said…
    I have a vita-mix. Can I use that, or should I get the Hurom?
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      A vita-mix won't juice like a juicer does! They do make great smoothies though.
  6. Jesper said…
    I love my Hurom, too - and another added benefit is the fact that it stays fresh much longer than hi-speed juices. They usually only last a day (if that!) in the fridge because of the heavy oxidization that occurs in the hi-speed juicing process. My favorite veggie juice lasts 3-4 days in the fridge so I only need to make juice a couple of times a week - so a slow-juicer saves time as well .-)
  7. Michelle B said…
    Hi Meghan, I just purchased an Omega juicer and I'm very excited to start juicing. My question is:Do you get the same nutrients from juice that is made the night before and consumed the next day as you would if you made in the morning and consumed it throughout the day? Thank you,
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Your best bet it to drink the juice as close to juicing as you can. That being said- juicing at home, the night before and drinking first thing in the morning is still a great option!
  8. Judy said…
    Hi there! I am trying to find the Hurom H-AA Slow juicer model and can't find any in Canada or any that can be shipped to Canada. Can anyone help me find a way to purchase this model? Or recommend another comparable Hurom model? Thank you so much!!
  9. Rachel said…
    Which model of the hurom juicer do you have?
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      I have a really old model and it still works great! It's basically the one in the photo - the vertical one.

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