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Best Berry Smoothie


What a delicious (literally!) week it has been. The man and I escaped the city last weekend to come back up to the cottage for a full week of sunshiny paradise. That's us, by one of our little bunkies enjoying some super powered smoothie loving (recipe down below).

I can't thank you enough for all your amazing feedback from my demo/pilot I posted last weekend. In case you missed the Big Reveal, here she be!

It is most fun coming out to the cottage through the summer, getting to enjoy the different treats when they become ripe for the picking. We went on a serious raspberry picking adventure and stuffed ourselves silly with fresh off the plant goodness. There is seriously nothing better than fresh picked berries still warm from the sun.

Our favourite Superhero Therapeutic Nutritionist Josh Gitalis, shares his wisdom on the berry.

I've got the scratches and scrapes to prove my devotion to the season's harvest, and I gotta say, an hour spent deep in the raspberry bushes, one for the basket, one for me, is the best remedy for a slightly drained nervous system.

Yes, I am still on the mend from the car accident and aside from the remnants of body pain, there is perhaps nothing quite so frustrating in this world than dealing with insurance. Turns out my car isn't coming home to me after all. She has had her fun and it is time to say farewell. Look out for the most decorated bicycle cargo mobile you ever did see.

Now, just before I get to the Best Smoothie Ever Recipe, I wanted to let you know that even though I was on holidays, it was a BUSY week on the biz side of things.

Both our 10 and 6 week cooking programs have filled up. Our Culinary Nutrition Expert Program for February is already half full and our waiting lists for the fall cooking classes and future retreats continues to grow! I am working on booking a second retreat for 2012 at the end of April. You can be sure you'll be the second to know (first dibs go to our waiting list people).

Due to the popularity, we have added our Spring 2012 Cooking Class dates to the schedule.

Lastly, by popular demand, we are going to be starting to add some one-on-one private services to our roster of offerings. Our resident chef, Kristin of Kristin's Nibbles, will be offering amazing one-on-one training on knife skills, how to use various kitchen tools, and other cooking techniques. We're building quite the fun little All-In-One-Place Culinary Nutrition Heaven.

How I wish this had existed when I had started out. I would have had my bottom in a seat for every single class.

Now, coming up on the blog next week, I'll be sharing one of my newest recipes for the very best of the best french toast there ever was (ever!) and in a couple of weeks, we will be hosting a most excitingly awesometown giveaway.

Well then, wasn't this a most eclectic little posting to send you off on a sunshiny summer weekend. And if you do nothing else this weekend, drink this!

Best Berry Smoothie Ever

1 giant cup of raspberries
1 giant cup of strawberries
1 handful spinach
1 tsp Navitas Acai Berry
2 Tbs Naviats Goji Berries
2 Tbs Navitas Cacao Powder
1 Tbs Navitas Pomegranate Powder
1 tsp Navitas Maca powder
1 dropper full Oceans Alive Marine phytoplankton (optional) or pinch of sea salt
1 cup ice or frozen tea cubes
2 cups water
honey to sweeten

  • Blend.
  • Drink
  • Fall In Love

Question of The Day: What is your favourite smoothie ingredient this summer?

9 Responses to “Best Berry Smoothie”

  1. Jessica said…
    WATERMELON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  2. First, that smoothie looks amaazing- I need to get out to the farm and harvest some of my own berries, one of these days- it's been too long, and there's nothing like 'em! Second, so excited to be doing private sessions! Woo hoo! xoxo
  3. Lindsay said…
    Sounds AMAZING Meghan!!! Raspberries are my all time favourite - hands down. That is why I was so drawn to this... I might even have a play and do 2 Cups of Raspberries and omit the strawberries! Thanks for sharing, have a fabulous weekend. ~L
  4. hanna said…
    hi, i just wanted to let you know that i am so glad i discovered your blog. i just did posts on mine about your raw apple cider and turmeric tea. :) there's so much i can't wait to try.
  5. Rachel in Okinawa said…
    My favorite summer smoothie recipe is peach basil! Yum! Thanks for posting the rasberry recipe. I don't think I can get any fresh rasberries here but I will be on the lookout!
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  7. Andrea said…
    My answer: Whatever fruit is in season! (Though I've been eating a lot of the seasonal fruit over salad greens. It seems like a waste to blend all the peaches and wild blueberries & I rarely snack.)
  8. Sheri said…
    I needed some smoothie inspiration this morning and just wasn't in the mood for one of the other green smoothie recipes I usually enjoy. So I tried this one and - wow! This was amazing! Thank you so much for always making health so unbelievably simple, delicious and beautiful. I look forward to each and every one of your posts; they always brighten my day :)
  9. sippin' on the best berry smoothie ever and you?

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