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Kicking Down Excuse-itis


Isn't that a picture to start the year off right.

Those are my feet. They obviously don't always look like that. Usually they are rather nice, I think. Clean, small, evenly coloured. These are my feet after an 8 mile, 7 hour hike in the Northern paradise of Kauai.

Today, we are talking about is the WORST DISEASE there ever was.

This is the disease that keeps you from getting sh!t done, that keeps you from chasing your dreams, that keeps you from being your best, your healthiest, your most amazing. This disease is epidemic. We like to blame the symptoms of the disease like not having enough time, or space, or love or money. But those are just the symptoms. They are not the cause.

Today, we battle the epidemic of Excuse-itis.

Excuse-itis is the disease we grab hold of and hang on to for dear life. We believe that it can keep us safe and make us feel okay about not doing all that we are capable of. It allows us to blame other people and circumstances for where we find ourselves, and why we are where we are.  We use excuse-itis to do nothing instead of something, be passive instead of active, be herded along rather than make change.

But see- a bad case of excuse-itis doesn't just affect you. It affects me too, and everyone else in your world. When you aren't living to your super-powered potential, taking risks, being your healthiest in mind and in body, being conscious in all your decisions, communications and motivations. You are selling your whole entire self short. Don't do it, okay?

Behind excuse-itis is often fear. Enough of that already.

Part of the reason I stopped doing one-to-one coaching was because I had no patience for people's excuse-itis. I really truly know that there is always enough of everything to do what you want to do and live how you want to live when you start to heal from that chronic bout of excuse-itis. There are also always enough excuses to enable yourself to do nothing, if you want to go that way. Are you with me?

The first step in overcoming is getting your healthiest. That part is the easy part if you ask me. It doesn't involve dumping your drag-you-down lover, quitting your job or moving to Kauai. It just involves changing what you put in your mouth. You're already eating. Just change what's going in.

So here's what you're going to do...

  • Make a list of all the things (or just one, or cut it down to five, whatever) that you need to change.
  • Make a list of all the 'reasons' that this hasn't happened/been achieved yet.
  • Now take that list and scribble all over it, crumple it into a tiny ball, run it through your blender, or do the happy dance all over it.
  • Now make a list of all the tools, people, knowledge, strategies and skills you have at your disposal that can make this happen.
  • Then visualize what life would be like when you ditch the excuses and just do it!
  • Clean up your living! This means your sleep habits, your exercise habits, your socializing habits, your horrible kick you to the ground food craving habits and all your other less than AwesomeTown eating habits and get yourself together chiquitta!
Together we are going to band together and kick this Excuse-itis to the ground.
For the next year, I am committing to you wholly and completely to make more information, services and programs available to you, no matter where you live. I have your back, daily, and will be here with some inspiration and a little cheer-leading to keep you going. I will be your accountability- factor as you throw excuse-itis out the window.
Question Of The Day? What dream/challenge/goal are you committing to take on in the New Year?

43 Responses to “Kicking Down Excuse-itis”

  1. kick this disease to the curb in 2012! #resolutions #2012
  2. Must-read post. No more excuses in 2012! RT @meghantelpner Let's kick out excuse-itis and clean up your living!
  3. Jennifer R said…
    Sounds selfish, but I want to focus on me and my health in 2012. With 3 kids, I often get so busy taking care of them, that I neglect myself. That WILL change this year :)
  4. @meghantelpner and I are kicking Excuse-itis to the curb in 2012.
  5. […] change. So we let our minds play all sorts of tricks on us, we come down with an epidemic case of excuse-itis, and then instead of taking it to the next level, we stop, fall short and unravel all the work we […]
  6. sharon stanley said…
    oh my goodness, no tweeting for me, but i have a terrible case of excuse-itis. rabid case in fact, so i am hoping you will keep your word and post little words of wisdom and advice as i strive to once and for all cure myself of this hideous excuse-ridden disease!

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