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Soul Nourishing To The Core


To describe something as total perfection is a tricky game, especially for a perfectionist. That being said, The first run of my Nourish Your Soul Retreat at Balenbouche Estate in St. Lucia exceeded my wildest dreams. It was more perfect than I ever could have imagined. With the help of the ladies of Balenbouche, Verena, Uta and Anitanja, and Trish of Tropical Escapes we made this dream a reality and that is f-ing amazing! Together we created exactly what I had envisioned and then some. The ladies who joined this trip were  laid back, appreciative of everything, amazingly positive, open-minded, adventurous and vibrant. I guess that is what healthy living'll do.  I have material to write posts for the rest of the year based on the foods we ate, the information we acquired and the sites and sounds we explored on the island.

The internet is a bit slow down here- so for now you get the preview...

Starting our day with yoga in the copra house- the building that used to be used for drying out coconuts to make coconut oil.

Then of course we had an amazing vegetarian breakfast
And we were then off to explore the island.

The most beautiful beaches I've ever seen.

Played in waterfalls!

And of course the amazing rain forest grounds of Balenbouche

We visited the local organic farm where we got all our great greens.

And met farmers. You know how I heart farmers

I taught lots of classes on nutritious living... and got to do it barefoot which made me happy.

Oh... and the food. Oh the food!

And then of course there were the amazing ladies!

And it really was just another tough week, hard at work. And we all ended the week feeling great!

As I chill out here at Balenbouche for another week of rest and rejuvenation, all I have left to say to the ladies of Balenbouche, to Trish, to the women who joined the trip, to the island of St. Lucia and to my momma who joined the first of many retreats is this...

More stories and photos will surely follow soon. For now I am off to enjoy my week of holidays! Ready to join the wait list for next year's trip? You know where to find me!

20 Responses to “Soul Nourishing To The Core”

  1. kareem said…
    aaaaamazing! congrats on what sounds like a successful retreat :)
  2. I'm with Andrea about the breakfast! Can I get that delivered?! Would you be able to share the details of what all that is, exactly?
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      I wish I could- I am not sure what was even in everything and the ladies here cook with true creativity- a little of this and a little of that and voila!
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  4. Looks awesome in every sense of the word. Totally amazing. I recognized your mom in the first photo. Great that she joined you. I hope you're back in town before your niece or nephew is born! That first day as an aunt is amazing.
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