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Spring Fling with My Favourite Things


Every year, around this time, I share with you a little product review of the things that I am loving to bits right now. These are the things that help preserve my health, well being, and most of all, they make me very happy and help me live my UnDiet Life. I love them and for the reasons I outline below, I think you might too!

The list this year is totally random and, in my opinion, completely perfect that way. Enjoy!

My Favourite Things: Spring Edition

1. The Puzhen Essential Oil Diffuser

Puzhen aromatherpay

I bought this for myself as a present last fall to keep on my desk at work. It was around the time things started freezing over and I was yearning for a little forest inspiration, while I stared out my downtown window at another brick building.

I love this diffuser for it's quiet. The water sits in the base, you add in 5-8 drops of your favourite oil and turn it on- the vapors flow out without the usual hum of all the other diffusers I've tried. You can set it to run for one, two or three hours, choose if you want it to be silent or play music, you can adjust a light for ambiance and even plug your own music in for a custom soundtrack.

I fell so hard for this thing, that I ordered a second one to have at home beside my bed where I often use the Bedtime Stories oil blend as I drift off to sleep.
Check out the diffuser details here.

2. Dr. Tung's Smart Floss

Dr. Tung's floss

I know that most people don't get that excited about dental floss- but maybe it's because you haven't had a floss worth getting excited over- until now! Flossing is fundamental to our total health as so much of the health of our digestive tract, and as such, our immune health, relies on a healthy mouth.

Dr. Tung's is the only organic, non-plastic, BPA-free dental floss I have ever used that doesn't shred or fall apart. This floss is unique in that it stretches and expands into inter-dental spaces for better removal of plaque and food particles. This high performance floss is suitable for everyone - people with tight spaces, wider spaces, and even people with braces. That stretchyness also makes it great on gums- with less cuts and bleeding. I also have one of those annoying top and bottom retainers and my friends at Dr. Tung's gave me some of their Sticks to try in the tight spaces between my wires. Perfect.

This is the best floss and once you try it, you'll know how it's possible to get this excited about floss. Get yours here on their site, or my friends at Living Libations also carry it along with their awesome tooth and gum oils.

3. This Book By Seth Godin: What To Do When It's Your Turn

What to do when it's your turn Seth Godin

Seth Godin inspires me daily. Godin's essays, stories, fables and sometimes even rants, have nothing to do with health or nutrition and everything to do with diving in to life. He talks about skipping the need for preparedness because we can never really prepare for the things we create that have never been created before.

He tells us to ship, publish, release but most of all, to create. His new book, What To Do When It's Your Turn (And It's Always Your Turn), will inspire you to take that giant leap in the direct of your dream and start making it happen. It's almost magazine-like in layout, with a healthy dose of graphic novel and images. You can open it at random or read it front to back. I did all of the above, and several times. I bought six copies with the intention of giving them away, but now I think I need six more. I am having trouble parting with them.

Learn about the project from Seth himself and get your copies.
(As of March 30th, early bird bonus is still available)

 4. Beekeeper Naturals Propolis Spray

Propolis SprayBeekeepers Naturals is a Toronto-based company and their mission is two-fold:

  1. Offer the best propolis spray ever.
  2. Save the bees.

I'm a fan of both missions! I was sent a couple of bottles to try out at the start of the year and this stuff is liquid gold! I was in the midst of filming a ridiculous number of fresh videos for the upcoming Culinary Nutrition Expert Program and I'm known to lose my voice after these 12-14 hour shoot days. Not with the Beekeepers Naturals close at hand. I spritzed every couple of hours and SHWAZAAALLA! I was still going at full-volume-Meghan when hour twelve rolled around. The added potent anti-microbial and anti-bacterial immune strengthening benefits make propolis a true super wonder of nature- and something you should have as a staple in your natural medicine cabinet.

That Beekeepers Naturals is also raising awareness about why we need to protect our bees (we're talking 1/3 of the planet's food supply relying on the pollination of bees) and raising money to further create change- makes them as awesome as their product.

Check them out- get your propolis and give love to the bees!

What products are making your everyday so much more awesome right now?

(This post contains some of affiliate links but we were not paid for these reviews. We love to review and use awesome products, but we make no guarantee about featuring any of them. If you would like to send us anything, please get in touch first. We would never want to waste your efforts on things we simply wouldn’t use or do not need.)

One Response to “Spring Fling with My Favourite Things”

  1. Mel Sakowski said…
    Nice, I'm a fan of Seth Godin, and love reading his e-newsletters every morning round 6:30am when he sends em'. I have been loving: Manitoba Hemp Harvest Hemp Pro 70 (plain), Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen, and unbranded chaga mushroom brew, picked from my cottage region in the Bancroft area (nature's one rad "company" ;)) Warmly, Mel

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