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Stuffed Full Of Vegetables


IMG_6567I did my best. Truly I did. Before I get into the wee dent I made on my mission to eat all the vegetables in my fridge, I have to thank all of who sent me an email in response to the post this morning on Crazy Sexy Life. The messages I received were so personal, honest and touching. I am amazed by it. Just goes to show that you really never know who’s lives you may touch by simply living yours with honesty and integrity.

As for my fridge clearing… So far so good but I am stuffed.

Breakfast was a cinch as I resorted to my old standard fave- The Breakfast Smoothie. I threw in some strawberries, half a banana, cucumber, chard, carrots, and a sweet assortment of susperfoods.


I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be able to make even a dent in the produce  so I called in some reinforcements for lunch.


There are many things I love about my mom. Up there on the list is her enthusiasm to join me for a meal. I don’t think she has ever said no… even when she’s already eaten. I needed her appetite in full force for this afternoons lunch feast and so reserved the meal with her this morning and she showed up for lunch with her game on! Great job mom!

Here is what went down for lunch:

  • I made a pesto with the basil and kale, sliced up the tomato and threw that on a brown rice tortilla to toast.
  • I used the avocado and the other tomato with half a lemon to make a little Guacamole
  • Steamed some green beans, sliced a cucumber.

I am not used to eating such a full on lunch and so by dinner time, I really wasn’ too hungry. I sauteed some beet greens with ginger and coconut oil and cooked up a little buckwheat with some onion and chopped broc0lli.


Turned the turnips, beets and remaining few leaves of kale into chips (slice root veggies thin, toss in olive oil with some sea salt and bake at about 300 or dehydrate for 12 hours)


So what’s the tally…

  • 2 Apples: Untouched
  • 3 lemons: Squeezed 1/2 of one for Guacamole with lunch
  • 3 leaves of kale: Chips
  • 2 leaves of yellow chard: In to the smoothie they went
  • 1 bunch of beet greens: Sauteed with ginger and coconut oil with dinner
  • 2 sweet potatoes: Untouched
  • 1 zucchini: Untouched
  • 1 yellow squash: Untouched
  • 1 onion: 1/2 used in buckwheat/broccoli mix
  • 1/2 dozen little beets: Chips
  • 3 little turnips: Chips
  • green beans: Steamed and enjoyed with lunch
  • head of broccoli: 1/3 used with dinner
  • 1 avocado: Made a guacamole with lunch
  • 1 bunch of basil: Pesto- used some on brown rice tortilla, froze the rest
  • 1 bunch of carrots: Still sitting in a bowl of water in my fridge
  • 1 container of salad greens: Ate as much greens as we could for lunch
  • 1 bag of cucumbers: Making them into pickles at this very moment (recipe next week!)
  • 1/2 dozen cherry tomatoes: With salad at lunch
  • 1 full size tomato: Chopped half into guac other half sliced on pesto pizza at lunch
  • 1 bunch of bananas (not pictures): 1/2 in a smoothie, the rest are getting peeled and saved in the freezer

So I didn’t do too badly today. But I am pretty sure I will never attempt this challenge again and certainly don’t need to eat for the rest of the weekend… Their going to have to roll me on to that plane tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow. Be sure to check back. More fun with Kelp Noodles!


7 responses to “Stuffed Full Of Vegetables”

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Hooray for moms :) And hey, you did fabulously with the challenge, in my opinion!

  2. Denise says:

    but with such good stuff! enjoyed your post on crazy sexy life.

  3. elain says:

    have a great weekend, and I love P’s new, lighter hair colour!

  4. Gena says:

    I’m lovin’ the veggieful goodness of this post!

  5. Sprouted Kitchen says:

    can’t blame your mama, I’d be there too if that huge nutritious lunch was available!

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