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Sunshine Love Potion #30


It's no secret that I have some pretty super fantastic friends. Since diving into this holistic field, they just keep on coming. I am always shameless in promoting my own workshops because, well, I love them so and am passionate about what I am teaching. My friends are just the same so when my friend Elana Millman of Flowering Lotus told me she was going to be hosting an herbal blending workshop the afternoon of my birthday, I was so totes in. I couldn't think of a sweeter way to spend the afternoon than swooning to the tune of Nadine's Living Libations Oils, sampled upon Ron's raw chocolate and then having the opportunity to mix my own blend.

During the course of the workshop, we learned about aromatherapy, the power of essential oils (they do in your body whatever your body needs them to and all are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and pro-love), and blending rules (high notes are the flowery scents, low notes are the earthy, and everything in between), how to break the rules (the nose knows) and how to blend (one drop at a time, let them sit with themselves and each other, than top it up).IMG_7052

Like anyone who is passionate about their tool of choice, Elana could have gone on forever chatting, sharing and allowing us to sample the goodness, but alas- we wanted to get blending.


People used all different methods for creating their scents. Some smelled all the oils, rated the ones they liked best and used those. Others used a numerology theory picking out their lucky numbers and using that many different oils to blend. Some of the aromathusiasts were aiming for a certain scent and worked to achieve that. I am not so methodical. I grabbed at the oils I thought smelled the most delicious and went to town dropping, sniffing, dropping, blending, sniffing, dropping, adding, stirring, sniffing and giggling. Kind of the same way I cook.

It is no surprise that two things, subconsciously happened with my blend.

1. I used the oils that all had aphrodisiac properties.
2. I used all culinary oils (meaning they were all edible).

So even when I was working to blend a sweet fragrance, I was still Making Love In The Kitchen. And do you know what it smelled like at the end? Chocolate!!! What an amazing thing that was.

What is really great about this is that even if you don't have access to this amazing assortment of oils, you can still enjoy the Love Potion magic by turning my signature Sunshine Love Potion #30 into a seductive little herbal tea.

Sunshine Love Potion#30 Tea
1 Tbs cardamom seeds
2 Tbs fresh ginger root, grated (or 1 Tbs dried)
2 Tbs grated orange peel
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp dried lavender
4 cups of water
The ylang ylang are a bit tougher to come by in the store, but I would suggest adding a flower blossom honey, or even some rosehips (or perhaps a few rose petals at the end) to give it a little bit of a flowery thing.

  • Simmer cardamom, ginger, orange peel and lavender together for 20 minutes in the water
  • Add vanilla and honey to taste

Elana has another workshop coming up on December 6th where you'll be making massage butter and potions with your own customized scent, exploring different oils and more applications. Contact her for details. Her workshops are a wonderful compliment to my Natural Body Care workshop (on November 22nd). A great little pair!

11 Responses to “Sunshine Love Potion #30”

  1. VeggieGirl said…
    LOVE aromatherapy!
  2. Lazarus Nazario said…
  3. Katie Kelly said…
    Happy Birthday!
  4. Jes said…
    What a lovely blend for tea!
  5. Alex said…
    Oh my gosh, I would love to go to a workshop like that! My mum used to have a good collection of oils that I used to love to play with and make potions, and I'm starting to getting into this again in adulthood! I love making my own customized intoxicating witch brews ;) Ps. I'm going to make your toothpaste this weekend!
  6. Stephanie said…
    How cool is that! I wish someone would offer a little class like that where I live. I'd sign up in a heartbeat! Going to get the ingredients this week and try your tea, you put me in the mood to play with oils and experiment with aromatherapy again. Thank you!
  7. Teresa said…
    That is the coolest workshop I've ever heard of before. I want to go to an Herbal Blending Workshop. And you somehow concocted a blend that smelled like chocolate. Geez could it get any better?
  8. Lindsay said…
    Yummmm. Thanks for the tea recipe!
  9. Mmm, I love all of the oils you chose for your signature scent. But, what I love even more is how you gals create a workshop and invite folks into your homes. No one does that around here. But what a fab idea! Very intimate. A belated, but heartfelt HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to you, Meghan! xoxo
  10. [...] version of the soup was inspired by the perfect version of the soup that Elana made up for me when she had me to dinner a few weeks ago. I’ll admit that it is rare that I [...]

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