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Ten Things I’ve Learned From Healing An Incurable Disease

 I first met Josh Bowman at an art opening in my Parkdale neighbourhood.
Josh works for Second Harvest, an organization that feeds hungry peeps with foods that stores/restaurants would have otherwise tossed away. It's a super cause. Josh also writes a blog called "Ten Things I've Learned". A brilliant concept, I think. And when he asked if I would guest post, I was more than happy to. It sounded like a fun exercise. Have a peak over at this site, I am most certainly not the most creative or inspired up there. He's got lots of cool peeps!

Ten Things I've Learned From Healing An Incurable Disease

  1. Take others’ opinions with a grain of salt. It is just an opinion and only our own opinions of ourselves and our current situation really matter. I received the opinion that I had an incurable disease and nothing I ate or did regarding my lifestyle would have an effect. I chose to trust my own opinion that this was not true. That has made all the difference.
  2. How to cook... really well. Prior to this experience I owned one cookbook called “Help! My Apartment Has A Kitchen”. Four years later, I own and operate a cooking school.
  3. Yoga is more than twisting yourself into a pretzel. I was one of those before-work, gym nut heads who rolled in at 6:00am, kicked my own bottom for an hour and then raced off to work. When high impact workouts were no longer an option, I turned to yoga. Yoga is a gazillion times harder than climbing a stair master and doing crunches until you want to puke. Yoga makes you actually look at yourself from the inside- and realize some change has to happen.
  4. Life may not always bring you sunshine and rainbows, but if you wait out the storm long enough, they always appear if you look for them. That’s all I have to say about that.
  5. A cute outfit doesn’t mean much when you feel like total crappola. Great health means more than high heels and manicured nails.
  6. Always, always, always trust your intuition. If you can’t hear it, that means your life is too noisy. Be still a little bit everyday and you will start to hear the voice, and over time you will learn to listen. And over even more time, you will learn that it is always right.
  7. When you do something in your life that other people deem impossible in theirs, you suddenly become  labelled “an inspiration”. I like that I inspire people but I don’t wake up every morning with the thought, I am going to inspire today! I just do what I do, because it feels right for me. This means that the people I find inspiring are just doing what seems right to them. I think this means that we all inspire others in our own way, just by being true to ourselves.
  8. When something goes wrong in our body or in our mind – whether it be a disease, an injury or a broken heart – to fight it, to fight for a cure or for someone’s love, doesn’t help us heal. It creates more resistance. When we can learn to feed and nourish and give ourselves what is needed to work with the challenge rather than against, that is how we heal.
  9. Vegetables are delicious. They used to make me gag. Then I learned I just didn’t like hard chunks of carrot in my salads. There are loads of other ways to enjoy carrots and loads of other vegetables I love to eat. I just had to get creative and explore the unknown.
  10. I am better off happily creating than creating to be happy. We think that if we work now, even if we hate it, that the benefits or payoff will bring happiness to the future version of ourself. When I think back five years at who I was dating, where I was working and the life I thought I was working towards, it is definitely not what would make me happy today. A waste of precious time it would be to take on misery now  to try and achieve something that is only serving to satisfy and bring joy to a future version of myself? I would end up disappointed for a good portion of my life.Things can change in an instant, with a diagnosis, a disaster.. anything! The greatest gift we can offer ourselves is to wake up happy, excited about the day ahead and go to bed pleased with the job that we did, accepting that the process itself is the outcome, and that we did our very best at every given moment.

What experience in your life do you think has taught you the most (so far)?

25 Responses to “Ten Things I’ve Learned From Healing An Incurable Disease”

  1. Shannon said…
    This is wonderful Meghan! I'm sharing it around for sure. I think the experience that has taught me so much is actually having a big set back after going through a transformation similar to yours - I learned that not being perfect is ok. I have to listen to myself, my body and just be happy. As long as I do what keeps me happy and healthy, everything will work itself out. Life is a work in progress and we can always change, improve and grow - we aren't static.
  2. Megan said…
    I *heart* this post :)
  3. veganlisa said…
    Thank you. This is a post I will remember and refer to for a long time. It touched my heart and lifted my spirits. xo
  4. Milena said…
    This post really hit the spot for me today. Thanks!! I've been battling severe postpartum depression/anxiety and each day has been a major struggle. Even though I'm in the middle of a storm, I choose to be positive and am learning to listen to my inner voice through meditation. I could relate to everything you wrote Meghan and reading it reinforced where I want to be :) You inspire me...and I love love love your recipes/posts. Keep up the fab work girl!
  5. Eileen said…
    Jan. 30, 2010 - I was told I had colon cancer (39 yrs. of age), I had no symptoms but had been anemic for a couple of months. Less than a week later, I found out it had already spread to my liver. Surgery to remove the tumor from my colon and then I stepped away from conventional medical treatment. I refused chemotherapy and went 99.999% raw, juicing and supplements to build my body back up to where it should be, to kick the cancer on its own, just like it was designed to do. Apparently, (**ahem...cough, cough**), I had only 18-24 mos. to live. But, I'm already past 14 months, with no problems. My husband and I have journaled about my decision to help family and friends try to understand the healing journey. Along the way, I've had a lot of people tell me how 'brave' I am. So, #7 (being an inspiration) made me laugh and I FINALLY understood why people said the things they did. I couldn't figure out what made me so brave or inspiring! I am THRILLED that my decision and keeping people informed about what I'm doing has caused others to stop and think and make changes for themselves, but it wasn't my intention! I do think it's funny when people say they "could never do that"... when it becomes a matter of life or death - it's really quite an easy choice. I appreciate your blog a lot!
  6. Teri said…
    I am a long time cancer survivor and love the message. I get to speak to people every day, through my work, that are choosing natural ways to heal themselves and am moved and strengthened by their stories too. Some of us are blessed with the grace to face life with a smile. Namaste, Teri An Inspired Learner
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