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That’s A Whole Lotta Power To Drink: Green Juice Love


This is how I start my day. For real lovers. Even with all the healthy living I was doing down in St. Lucia and with the amount that I travel, it's my green juice, not my bed, that I am excited to come home to.

What's the difference between a juice and a smoothie? Well, a juice has all the pulp removed. This is a great thing when, what you're juicing are low glycemic greens- not such a good thing if you are juicing just fruits. Green juice is like a bath for your insides. First thing in the morning, I slurp down about a litre of pure power!

It flushes out waste from my cells, gets my digestive system kicked into high gear and totally buzzes me right up.

Coffee? Pshshshs.

This is what it's about. Without the fibre, this life loving elixir doesn't require much in the way of digestion and so will rush my blood stream and go straight to work- unlocking the cells with its magical keys and turning on the switches to get the motor vroom vrooming!

I juice and I juice a lot. I use the Hurom Slow Juicer (soon to be avails through my site) and sometimes I'll even run my juice through a nut milk bag to get rid of any little bits of pulp that may be left over.

What's really awesome town is look at the ridiculous amount of nutrition I am getting! I am getting the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and all the phytonutrients from all of this!


And I turn it into pure heaven!

I do think green juice is delicious, refreshing and sweet. I am down to just half of an apple, and the rest is lemon, ginger, kale stems, cucumber, celery, half a carrot, loads of parsley and a little broccoli. The mix varies depending on what I have in my fridge. I just juice and juice until I have my 1 litre and I drink that through the morning. I don't usually get hungry until late morning and that's when I toss a few things into the blender for my smoothie.

You don't need a juicer to find green juice heaven. Follow these easy steps demonstrated in this silly video.

The best juice to make is with the veg you have in your fridge. Cut down on the fruit, up the greens and you are rocking and rolling. Now- can't wait for the farmer's markets to start rocking and rolling.

Question Of The Day: What is your fave morning ritual to start the day off right?


12 Responses to “That’s A Whole Lotta Power To Drink: Green Juice Love”

  1. Lauren said…
    Love green juice! It's like crack, I have to have it daily! not that I know what being addicted to crack is like, lol!
  2. I LOVE juicing this post totally made me crave it!
  3. Katie said…
    I love me the juice... but I have yet to find a great recipe for all the left over pulp... any love to share?? :)
  4. Deborah said…
    I'm just about to make mine. I don't use any fruit, but I add a little more carrot or a beet to sweeten mine up. Love lots of kale and celery in mine. Mmmm! Now I just need to invest in a glass straw.
  5. Melissa said…
    This winter I juiced way more than I made smoothies. I loved it!!! Still do but now I'm back to craving more smoothies again:) I have an old Jack Lalane power juicer and it does the job. I need to get a wheatgrass juicer though as I love making my own "shots" of home-grown wheatgrass! I love the carrot ginger combo but usually I make a juice with more veggies than that. I can't wait for the Farmer's Market either...oh how I love fresh produce!!
  6. I love a good green juice in the morning! That and a morning walk are my favorite a.m. rituals :)
  7. Vaishali said…
    If I prepare 1 litre of green juice in the morning, can I keep it in the fridge or should one drink it immediately? Can a young child (4 yrs old) drink green juice in the morning?
  8. Will you 'announce' when the juicer is available chez you? I'd rather give you the money than someone else :)
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      I will. I will email you and let you know when I have an order and then we can sort it out.
  9. Liz said…
    LOVE the green juice in the am-- my recipe is almost the exact same :) So this really holds you up until you make the smoothie? I usually find I gotta eat something (with protein)... though I think it's better to drink the green juice on an empty stomach. Yay!!
  10. I am loving green juice too. I can skip the apple completely, but I have a bad addiction to putting in 2-4 carrots. So yummy, but probably too much sugar in there. I do kale stems and collards too - both are surprisingly juicy.

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