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The Best Detox Benefit Of All


Still a few spots left in our awesometown Fab Uplift Detox workshop this Saturday! Toronto peeps, want me to cook you brunch? Yeah you do. Come play! For my out of town friends- why not play along online? Our Fab Uplift Detox is a fully coached online program. FUNderwear!

It's been a bit of a detox themed week here on the Love in the Kitchen blog, no? Being so excited about the next round of our amazingly awesometown Fab Uplift Detox program, we can't HELP but be chitchatting about detox power.

Sometimes it's easy to forget just why detoxes are so important for our bods.  Yes, you may shed the junk in the trunk and yes you will feel and look amazing. You will glow, you will feel light on your toes.  But most importantly, detoxing is about making your body a strong powerhouse against illness and disease.  It is about giving your body a fighting chance and making it the healthiest it can be.  Eliminating the toxins from within and building your immune system are truly the best benefits from detoxing, no two ways about it.

Now, the Fab Uplift Detox isn't one of those silly depriving type cleanses.  This detox is a delicious and tummy filling experience, a fresh start.  It is the beginning of great things on your journey to abundant health.

So- just how important is it to get our bodies in fighting shape against illness and disease? We'll let our clinical nutritionist superhero Josh and the hunky Mr. Kale fill you in on that one.

In Josh's own words:

When it comes to life , there is really only one thing we can be sure about, and that is death. And when death eventually does arrive, for any living organism, the circle of life brings the organism back down to earth.

What is it that brings organisms back down to earth? It is mold, fungus, parasites, bacteria, and viruses. These are the decomposers of the world.

As I discussed in my interview with Mr. Kale, most of the time it doesn’t matter what germ you’re exposed to. What matters is how well equipped you are to fight it. In other words, the strength of your immune system.

There you have it.  Extra wise words from Mr. Kale at the end there- couldn't of said it better myself.

Question of the Day: Why would participating in the Fab Uplift Detox be beneficial to you?

Have I mentioned how excited I am about the Fab Uplift Detox? Okay, you get the point.  But being at your most healthful IS exciting, so we are offering one lucker reader the chance to win a spot in the program!

How To Win:

  • Post a comment below in response to the question of the day
  • Tweet today’s tweetable!
  • ‘Like’ today's corresponding post on my facebook page
  • Blog about it (posting a link below) and get five bonus entries

This is a sweet but short contest.  Get your entries in tonight by midnight and we will announce the winner tomorrow morning.  Good luck, peeps!

14 Responses to “The Best Detox Benefit Of All”

  1. Have you met Mr. Kale?
  2. Su Yee said…
    What bugs was it that you found on Mr. Kale, Josh?.. Are they aphids??...
  3. Who looks like Sideshow Bob more? Mr. Kale or @joshgitalis?
  4. @meghantelpner Lol! What a question. RT "Who looks like Sideshow Bob more? Mr. Kale or @joshgitalis?”

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