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The Creed Is Getting Foxy! Vote Now.


Not to let you down this fall, we've got another slew of  sweet goodies coming your and this time around, we'll be asking for your input. This is a community after all and your opinion seriously counts.

The first product was an easy choice. I have been a Fan of Foxy Originals for years. Like 10 of them when I first met Jen and Suzie- the rockstars behind to uber affordable, trendy and eco-aware line of jewelry, charms and things. I met Jen and Suzie through a mutual friend and they were part of a group of women that taught me my first grown up woman lesson- that when you find strong, super smart, vibrantly creative and dynamic gals- there is only pure support and cheerleading. I liked them straight away and we have had mututal girl crushes ever since.

When I called Jen up to discuss the possibility of getting some custom Foxy goodies made for you, she was all over it! We decided on worded charm necklaces of which I love.

And wouldn't you know that a few weeks ago, at a different mutual friends bridal shower, I won one! This is what I won:

I LOVE this so much and am thinking I will love it even more when lines from creed are splashed across it.

Here is where you come in. I need you to help me decide what lines to include.

These are the ones you get to choose from. Copy and paste your favourite below and we'll take count in a couple weeks and then get straight into production so they'll be ready for you in September. FUN! When you choose your have line(s) below, pick what you think would have the most meaning to you and perhaps consider what two or three would go well together.

7 Responses to “The Creed Is Getting Foxy! Vote Now.”

  1. Ashley said…
    Foxy is amazing!! And I definitely have the bracelet with the Marilyn quote that I wear almost daily...
  2. Cheryl said…
    Love it! Can't wait to see which line/design makes it to the top. Where can we buy them?
  3. Sondi said…
    I didn't realize, till I saw this picture of you and Jen, that I know her! I had no idea she was behind Foxy Originals. We went to Sunday school together. Small world. My fave line of the creed is 'labels are for tin cans', though I realize that is not the best inspirational phrase for a necklace. :)
  4. love these! can't wait until September!!
  5. tanya said…
    OK, I've submitted the survey 2x with my favourites but was thinking about a couple combos that aren't options but would use up the 8-10 words that seem to fit on the back... Smile: Smile at strangers. Flirt with farmers. Twinkle, sparkle, shine. Today: Today is the day. Delight in the delicious. Nourish your soul. Choose: Every choice counts. Break rules. Eat real food. (too preachy?) Laugh: Laugh at the ridiculousness of seriousness. Focus on the exhale. Fun! Good luck :-)
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Such a good idea!
  6. Alison C said…
    I love Foxy! I have been a big fan for years. Can't wait to see what you decide on!

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