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Juicing and Steaming – Steamed Apples


Oh the joy. The fun. The writing I will be doing with a whole weekend free. Sort of. In my imagination, I booked this weekend off so that, I would have it free and easy to travel the globe, leading up to my 32nd birthday coming on Tuesday (yep, the 25th). I was going to go to New York, or LA, or Fiji (in my dreams anyway)... And then decided that instead I would check in with reality because this mamasita has a book to write. And write like the wind I will. While munching on steamed apples. Recipe below!

Another great week over here in the nutrition front. We ran five classes in eight days which made this kitchen a mad, mad house. Also exciting was that my article on 10 Things I Learned Healing an Incurable Disease is making it's rounds. Last week it appeared on Spirituality and Health. Then it landed on the website Owning Pink, run by the most enlightened doctor ever, Lissa Rankin. And today it was posted on So with that, I say WELCOME to all my new friends and soon to be lovers.

Last weekend I ran like a wild nutritionista up and down the aisles of the Canadian Health Food Association Expo, and would you take a moment and look at that loot! It was insanity. I know it's called the "Health Food"  expo but after a few hours there, we came home and started a junk cupboard with all the junk food we picked up. Not sure what to do with it all!

We did however score one sweet something...

Yep, my sweet kale chip eaters, I got a kale plant thanks to our friends over at Solar Raw, who make the very best kale chips you can buy (but making them yourself still rocks). And look our fave superhero nutritionist Josh- holding that plant! You know how some people have pets that look like them, Josh likes to keep plants that resemble him. It's the hair.

Also this week, I opened my front door Tuesday morning to find this treat..

My new bestest friend Celeste at Sprouting Goodness had a full day's worth of juices delivered to my front door and juiced it up.

I opted for the full green plan, it's my style, but she has a whole bunch of juice and smoothie cleanses you can choose from. They deliver the goods to your door overnight and you are ready to rock it first thing in the morning without needing to slice a stalk of celery or clean a juicer. How easy is that? The sweetness starts at $40/day but you can choose from different packages.

And I am now hooked on the "Lemon Zinger". A mix of lemon juice, cayenne and coconut syrup to ease the kick. This is amazing.

Next week I am shooting a few TV spots, in between celebrating my older age with the best ice cream ever and an amazing giveaway. And there are also a few things I am looking to cook up. So here is a summary of what I've been thinking about, working on, eating and dancing to. Enjoy!

Sharing The Love Sweet Love: Affiliate Style

 You have been asking and asking and asking and at long last my affiliate program is ready. Since I know how you talk, and you tell me yourself that you keep telling people about the goodness we're up to, why not earn a little for your good word. We are accepting a limited number of affiliates right now to test the whole shebang. This test group will be able to earn up to 10% right now! Pretty sweet commission, right? Fill out the little application now!

Look What I Got In My Email!

Vanessa, who I have yet to meet in person, received her Live With Love Poster in the mail. I LOVE when people send me pics of themselves loving their goodies. This made my week!

Dance Break

Best Present Ever! Signature Gift Pack

I am obviously biased here but I couldn't imagine a better present. Seriously. Well it's not like I would design or put my name on stuff I didn't totally love and adore. But if you gave this to me for my birthday, I wouldn't complain... except for the fact that I already have all this stuff. Buy it for yourself, someone you love, or break it up and give everyone a little something, something. Check it! 

Calling All Culinary Nutritionists!

Our current program is halfway through (though I like to think of it as just halfway started) and our intensive program beginning in February is already more than half full. That means that we have just five or six spots left.

This is the only 200 hour certification program currently available. And we are having a blast. Right now, I'm teaching my peeps how to take crappy unhealthy recipes and remake them to be the glowing beacons of healthy living (meaning getting rid of stuff like tofu cream cheese and 'all purpose flour'). Though I don't want it to end, I am getting excited for our grand finale potluck in November. Have a look at all the deets!

My Current Obsession: Steamed Apples

Our resident chef Kristin used them in a roast veg, bean and brown rice salad she made in one of her one-on-one sessions and I have been indulging ever since. So easy and so amazing.

Steamed Apples

1 apple, cut in thin slices
2 tsp cinnamon
1 2 tsp coconut crystals

  • Steam your apples for about 10 minutes, just until soft.
  • Toss with cinnamon and crystals.
  • Eat as is, slice and add to ice cream, love with pancakes or french toast,mix in to your roast veg mix or slip in to a veggie sandwich (though for the latter, leave off the cinnamon and sugar)

Have a sweet, sweet end of October weekend. Rake some leaves, eat some pumpkins, steam some apples, and see you Monday with some hot and freshness!

Much love,

Question of The Day: What is your current obsession?

13 Responses to “Juicing and Steaming – Steamed Apples”

  1. Outing and Abouting, Juicing and Steaming.
  2. Andrea said…
    Again I'm reminded about how awesome you are. I know, I shouldn't need reminding. :P I'll look into Sprouting Goodness. I've been researching various juice cleanse companies around the city.
  3. New and best snack there ever was - steamed apples! Thanks chef Kristin @kristinsnibbles

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