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For My Dad: The Power Of Prayer


I am asking for a great big favour. On this blog, I have roughly 5,500 readers a day. That's a lot of potential power and I am working on harnessing every last drop.

Today my father is undergoing a radical prostatectomy to have his prostate removed, and ideally with that, his cancer.

Though doctors call this procedure routine, no matter how many people have had a surgery done, it is never routine to cut someone open, dig around and slice out an organ. There are always risks, not just during the operation, which in this case is slated to last five hours, but in the days, weeks and months that follow.

My wedding takes place three months from tomorrow and I want nothing more than to have my father, by my side, walking me down the aisle in absolute perfect health. And for this, I am calling on all of you for your love, support, prayer, and great healing vibes.

Since my father's cancer diagnosis in September 2010, many people ask after my dad and how he's doing.

Often my response over the past 20 months is- "He's okay, but it's hard".

Hard doesn't really cut it. The experience of living with and supporting my dad during an extended period of "active surveillance" has been incredibly hard on me, along with my partner, my brother, my sister-in-law and my grandma. I can't really begin to imagine how hard it has been on my mom, his primary source of love and support. To imagine the fear and terror he has lived with everyday is unthinkable.

In my father's "active surveillance" approach, there was no watching and waiting. With the close care and guidance of my partner, clinical nutritionist Josh Gitalis, my work in guiding his diet, and my mom executing it all flawlessly- we were all working to help my father's immune system build up strength so that it would be able to heal from the cancer that invaded his prostate. Since beginning his intense supplement regime, daily juicing and vegetarian diet, the chronic pain and inflammation of 20 years of rheumatoid arthritis vanished, as did the extra weight most men in their 60's carry around.

Here, my dad explains:

If only everything went just as we planned. Four months after his cancer diagnosis, late one December evening, my father walked outside to get something from his car and slipped and tore something in his shoulder. He was rushed to emergency in an ambulance, where at the hospital he was misdiagnosed and sent home in a sling. In the year that followed, he had major shoulder surgery, only to find out that it didn't hold and on top of it all was dealing with two massive kidney stones, one in each kidney. The icing on the cake was that this passed December, with the stress of the surgeries and kidney stones he learned, following a routine biopsy, that the cancer in his prostate had grown- not spread, but had increased. His PSA remained stable but his Gleason score went up and this caused him some concern.

He can tell you himself the value of prevention, in hindsight of course, but it can be tough to undo the affects of 60 years of less than optimal habits in just one year.

This is his journey and ultimately, he had to make the decision that he could feel at peace with.

This is where prayer healing comes in. I need your help with this.

You don't have to believe in it for it work, you just have to send the good vibes his way. Think of me, and think of him. Send him thoughts of calming peace, tranquility, acceptance, and love.

Though there isn't much scientific data around prayer healing and distance healing, there is enough anecdotal evidence to convince me of it's unquestionable efficacy.

Dr. Elizabeth Targ,a practicing psychiatrist, and the Director of the Complementary Medicine Research Institute at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco explains, "Distance healing is any purely mental effort undertaken by one person with the intention of improving the physical or emotional well-being of another".

The science behind it is more complex than I think is required here. Simply offering your thoughts and energies will do the trick. Whether you are reading this today, May 29th or in the days that follow, every bit will help as for my family, this will be a great challenge that we hope and pray will bring lightness, love and a long, happy and healthy life for my dad.

I invite you to send your good vibes and if you would like to include comments below, I will send them along to my dad.

For your generosity of love, and all your kind thoughts, from deep down in my soul, I thank you.






Read more about my dad's story:

106 Responses to “For My Dad: The Power Of Prayer”

  1. Emily said…
    Thinking of and praying for your dear Dad all the way over here in Sydney, Australia!! I know these good vibes from around the world will help him through. Lots and lots of love to you and all your family xxx
  2. Marilene said…
    I trust that the surgery went well....wishing your dad the speediest recovery and sending lots of healing energy and good vibes as he embarks on this second chapter of his journey. Sounds like he has the best pillars of support in his corner which is the greatest source of healing anyone could ask for. Many blessings of health and healing.
  3. Doreen said…
    Thinking of your family today and sending prayerful thoughts and healing energy your dads way!
  4. Cathie Weinstein said…
    Hi Meghan, Please give your mom and dad my love. I hope all is going well and that he is having an easy and speedy recovery. Your parents have amazing attitudes towards life, great personal strength and wonderful times to come. xo Cathie

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