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The Today Is The Day Podcast Is Here


This has been a long time coming and I am thrilled to announce that today is the day that my Today Is The Day Podcast is officially available! Yes, the first two episodes of our ten-week summer series is now ready for your listening pleasure.

The Today Is The Day Podcast is co-hosted by my husband, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Josh Gitalis.

Our desire is to share extremely important and valuable information that is accessible and practical.

Here is the show trailer:

Since I know a certain crew over at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, I asked if they’d like to sponsor our show. It turns out, they were fully and completely on board. As it also turns out, that school is mine, and the team that runs the school also runs everything here. So it was basically one meeting where we said, “Let’s do this!” and we put our hands into the circle and did a virtual “1-2-3  Today is the Day!” cheer and all was settled.

I feel very proud of what we created – something that exemplifies how we like to teach and share information and really make it accessible to our readers, students, alumni and now, listeners.

Here is how we are serving you with our podcast:

  • Topics You Want: Every episode is based on one of the top questions we’re asked most often by our audience. So we are delivering the information you want!
  • Resources: Each episode is accompanied by an extensive list of additional resources so you can continue learning on your own.
  • Downloadable Bonuses: Every episode is also accompanied by a downloadable resource guide. Some weeks it’s a template to fill in, sometimes it’s a printable you’ll want to post on your wall, sometimes it’s recipes and more! These are designed to help you take what we’re sharing and put it into practice.
  • Community Challenges: If you’re a member of my private Facebook Group, you’ll be invited to join weekly challenges based on the previous week’s episode and get access to even more bonus information.
  • Q&A’s With Us: Every few episodes, Josh and I will be going live to answer your questions relating to a recent episode to make sure you’re picking up what we’ve been throwing down.
  • Extra Special Show Feature: Rather than the typical podcast ads we’ve grown accustomed to, every episode of our show will be highlighting the amazing business of a Culinary Nutrition Expert.

Your Next Steps

Step 1: Subscribe to the Today Is The Day Podcast on your favourite podcast app:

Step 2: Enjoy the first two episodes.

Our first two episodes, along with their related show notes, links and free downloadables on the Academy of Culinary Nutrition website.

Step 3: Leave us a rating and rave review!

Thank you in advance for being an extremely enthusiastic listener, and for being that person who doesn’t stop telling everyone they know how awesome our show is. You’re the best!

One response to “The Today Is The Day Podcast Is Here”

  1. Josee Charette says:

    Hi Meghan,

    I started listening to your podcast. It’s great information but I wanted to comment specifically about your August 4 episode, What the heck should we eat? Specifically about a vegan diet not being sustainable for the environment. I understand what you mean that some ingredient that are sourced from around the world (Sometimes with questionable practices. Palm oil anyone?) and that’s not great or the planet. But when you look at the destruction that the meat industry is causing, cutting down rain forest to grow crops for feeding cattle, poisoning the groundwater around slaughterhouses, veganism is a much better option. It’s actually one of the best things you can do to help the planet and fight climate change.

    I’m enjoying your podcast but I just couldn’t let that one go.


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