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The Tribe Has Formed And We Are Cooking: Love For My Culinary Nutrition Students


Veggie Falafels by CNE student Marianne Rothbauer.

Most of you reading this know me because of my blog... once long ago called Making Love In The Kitchen. Many of you came to know my work because of UnDiet, my book. And some of you I have had the amazing opportunity to meet, whether through one of my live classes, events or perhaps even a past retreat.

Currently, there are 100 amazing women who are getting to know me, and I am getting to know them through this new adventure in web-based teaching called the Online Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. We are 100-women strong, plus four dedicated teaching staff and we come from as far and wide as the Canada, United States, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Ireland, and The Netherlands and France. We represent over 65 cities!

As this side of my work is something that only those participating in the program get to see, I wanted to share some of the goodness we're cooking up. I feel truly blessed every day to be working with this inspirational tribe.

We are well into our sixth week here in the land of Culinary Nutrition and all my fears about taking what was once an in-person class online have been dissolved by the amazing enthusiasm, outpouring of gratitude, outstanding calibre of work, daily (at times hourly!) banter in our private Facebook group and last but most certainly not least, the mouth watering creations being shared.

I stand by my declaration that the very best way to learn the ins and outs of Culinary Nutrition is to learn about concepts, and then take to the kitchen and experiment with them -- cook them, eat them and feel them!

As we prepare to open registration for our Spring 2014 run of this game changing program, I wanted to take an opportunity to beam with pride and show off some of the cooking assignments of my students.

Veggie Rice Wraps

Marianne Rothbauer, Cambridge, Ontario

Veggie Rice Wraps - Marianne Rothbauer

Cauliflower Cous Cous

Anna Pelzer, North Vancouver, BC (Check out her blog here)Anna Pelzer Cauliflower CousCous

Walnut Crackers
Deborah Kuhnen, Mississauga, Ontario

Deborah Gillan Kühnen Walnut Crackers

Carolyn Thompson White, Toronto, OntarioCarolyn Thompson-White

Raw Marinaro and UnMeat Balls (Before shot!)
Melanie Connolly, Quakertown, Pennsylvania


Indian Stew
Gisselle Perdomo, Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic

Giselle Perdodmo- Indian Stew

Vanessa Labelle, Montreal, Quebec

Her little friend wanted in on the fun!

Vanessa Labelle - Indian Stew

Mary Horowitz, Morrisville, North Carolina
Mary seems to have passed her homework on to an eager little helper!

Mary Horowitz - veggie falafel

And if this isn't the most comfortable way to learn...

Gisselle and her pup cozy up to watch and learn together from the comfort of their home in the tropical Dominican Republic.

Gisselle Perdomo

And then the teacher becomes the student!

The greatest gift that I hadn't fully anticipated is how much I have been learning from my students, too! They are forever asking brilliant questions that have me digging and thinking and digging some more. And best of all, they're doing their own massive amount of creative kitchen genius.

Lyne-Landry-Lamoureux, Ottawa, Ontario

Greens Powder Lyne Landry-Lamoureux

"Make Your Own Greens Powder I've been making my own Leafy Green's powder by dehydrating things like Kale, Beet Greens, Turnip Greens, Collards, Chards, etc.. I use my blender to make a super fine powder. This makes it really easy to add to smoothies, scrambled eggs, etc. You can also leave them a bit "chunkier" (like dried oregano, basil, etc) for use in soups, tossed with roasted veggies, etc. My kids seem to take to this much better than using fresh when they are making their own smoothies. I dehydrate at low temps to keep as many nutrients as I can...1 Tbsp is probably somewhere close to a bunch!"

The adventure continues and you can follow along on Twitter and Instagram with the #CNEprogram. Be warned... they will make you hungry!


If all goes as planned, registration for Spring 2014 will be opening on my birthday, October 25th. If you are interested, check yourself in over here and be the first to get word on the upcoming early registration bonuses. In pre-registration we already filled our capacity by 25% and are thrilled to have our first male student, a very wise man indeed, and students from Greece (we smashed plates in honour of that one), and Australia (we surfed in her honour).

And to all my current and past students of my Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, I thank you, with all my heart for leading the way in your communities, guiding by the examples you are living, and for your passion for great food and bringing this information to everyone in your lives.

What have been some of the most rewarding things you have ever taken part in?

8 Responses to “The Tribe Has Formed And We Are Cooking: Love For My Culinary Nutrition Students”

  1. connfamily said…
    Love our tribe! Loving my CNE experience!!
  2. Carolyn White said…
    So proud of our group! Being a part of this awesome experience makes my heart sing!!
  3. penniroyston said…
    Best program I've every done! Hands down!
  4. debkuhnen said…
    Love, love, love! It sure is hard work, but I'm loving every second of it. Not the least of which is getting to know all my wonderful classmates!
  5. Jenna said…
    Any chance you will be offering captioning for those who can't hear too well? Thanks! I sure hope to participate in one of your programs in the near future.
  6. Tracey said…
    Hello to all. I will be in the spring group and delighted to receive notice to have a peak at this entry. Good luck to all of you and have fun!
  7. Very interested in this next CNE class, is there anyone who has taken (or is taking) the class that I can talk to so I can see if the things that are of interest to me will be covered, and your overall opinion would be much appreciated. I am loving everything I'm seeing and reading but I would just like to touch base with a few former students before deciding.
  8. Andrea Mcclean said…
    Hi, I am based in the UK and very interested in taking this course. Id love to connect with some previous students to see how you found it nd how much time it takes to complete. I work three days a week but really want to re train as a nutritionalist. My twitter is @andreamcclean x i look forward to following you back so we can connect

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