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The Wild Water Kingdom: What Water Are You Drinking?


Please, please, please tell me that you're not still drinking bottled water?

Water is one of the those questions I get asked often. Everyone always wants to know what kind of water they should be drinking. My first response is usually that you just need to be drinking it. The second is that you can't be afraid of bottled water if you're still drinking juices and sodas that also come in plastic. The plastic has to go. And that's all I have to say about that.

Now, if you've got the plastic thing sorted out, you're drinking your share of water everyday, then and only then do you need to concern yourself with the details of becoming a hoity toity water connoisseur.

Now, what is my prime time, thirst quenching party time water choice? It is spring water. There is NOTHING better! In my home, we now have spring water delivered in glass bottles. And when we go up North to my cottage, we take our bottles with us to fill straight from the source. There is no water on this planet more balanced, thirst quenching, delicious, and let's face it, fun!

  • Spring water takes a slow journey up from the aquifer through the capillary action,  ripening, dropping it's mineral and heavy metal content, and going through more cleansing. It's super fit for human consumption by the time it reaches the surface of the earth.
  • Water making its journey this way may not reach the surface for thousands of years. This is crazy slow filtration and some of the cleanest water we can drink.
  • This water has yet to make contact with the pig pen we call human pollution.
  • The water you drink, within mere moments, becomes the blood that travels through your body to deliver the nutrients and cleanse out the waste.
  • Since our bodies are 70% water we want to drink the crystal clear clean stuff.
Think about what our water is doing when we reuse a Brita filter (that doesn't do much anyway) for months, sometimes years at a time and let our water sit in the plastic container? Or when we buy bottled water, most likely from a tap not far from your home, that has also been sitting in plastic. Then there are the Reverse Osmosis systems (which I have in the kitchen), that nearly sterilize the water, the steam distillation, that does the pretty much the same and of course other water filtration systems.
If regular consumption of Spring water is not an option, I would recommend a major filter system on your drinking water (if not your whole house). If you go with reverse osmosis, just do yourself a favour and add a little sea salt or a squeeze of lemon to help remineralize the juice of life.
One more thing you might want to consider, and this one is cheap and easy- your shower! I will write more about this, but know that one shower is the equivalent to 8 glasses of water in what heavy metals and gasses you are inhaling and absorbing through the skin, the body's largest organ. If you don't yet have a shower filter, get one!
There is a great resource called at where you can find fresh spring water in your area. How cool Is that? I'll answer for you. It's cool. Very cool. And refreshing.
Question Of The Day: What type of water are you drinking?

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  1. Karen said…
    When you go up north to your cottage, where do you shop for food? Would love to hear your recommendations!

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