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The Witching Hour In Cleanse Land


What I love best about a cleanse such as this is it helps me get health supportive activities back to being a regular part of my day. The above photo I took bright and early this morning on my bicycle ride by Lake Ontario. And yes, I do live right downtown Toronto. This amazing view is just a 20 minute ride from my home.

With the good things about a cleanse, also come the challenging. With every cleanse type diet I have ever done. 5:00pm seems to be the witching hour. The time when my mind like to play these tricks on my will power. The games goes something like this.

Mind: " You are so tired. You have  a bit of head ache. It would probably go away if you just ate something."

Will: "But I have already had two smoothies and its about time for dinner. If I can just get down the last one of the day, I'll be good to coast through the evening on tea".

Mind: "You have a fridge full of amazing fresh produce. Imagine the wondrous things you could cook up."

Will: "But I am one of 94 participants. I can't let the group down! I know that I can get through this."

Mind: "You're suffering. What's the point? Why are you putting yourself through this?"

Will: " Because its awesome for me, for my health. It tests my strength, my confidence, my self-control, my stamina, my commitment and my determination".

Mind: "Fine... you win this time. But I'll be back".

And so it goes. So what I say to you is this- keep at it. Your determination might be waning but stick with it. You have likely realized this little detail that we all managed to skim over and that is that green smoothies to do not taste like vanilla milkshakes. They taste like liquid vegetables.

To temporarily distract you, here is my day in pictures. And I know I changed the order of activities around a little but I wanted to catch the sunrise.


Lemon juice + cayenne in water


Morning Sunrise- yes was ridiculously early.

Morning Skin Brushing

Pre-shower skin brushing

img_6054Feel special now. I don't let anyone up into my meditation space.

img_6058Breakfast!img_6064Sure looks odd close up

img_6068After breakfast I began setting up for my Cooking Cosmetics: Natural Body Care workshop.

In the rush of organizing I did just before my workshop began, I forgot to take a picture of my lunch smoothie. It was green and looked much like breakfast. I believe It has banana, strawberries, kale, dandelion greens, cucumber, celery, and bee pollen in it. How did it taste? Green.


In action... cooking up lotions and potions.

img_6086Dinner about to made.

img_6065Dinner is served.

How are you doing?

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17 Responses to “The Witching Hour In Cleanse Land”

  1. Meghan Telpner said…
    Lynne- In terms of a blender, you sort of have to work out what is in your budget. You tend to get what yoy pay for with blenders. I would suggest getting one with a substantial container and multiply settings- including one that says liquefy.
  2. Angelica said…
    I have most definitely hit the witching hour -- courtesy of my hungry boyfriend, cooking himself up some very un-raw grains and squash with lots and lots of salt. Nggghhh.
  3. Mandy said…
    Thanks for all the support Meghan! The smoothie cleanse is a challenge, but it's definitely do-able. I feel lighter and calmer, especially after morning meditation. Thank you for putting so much work into the tutorials and the blog. Your work is inspiring me to make positive changes in my life- and nourish my whole self.
  4. Scott Pierson said…
    Apple and yogurt everyday seems to keep me moving very regular. With very healthy size poops. And from what I've heard the bigger they are the healthier you are also if they float that can be a bad sign. Means your body isn't processing fats well. If they sink that's good. But definetly big poops are a healthy sign I've heard. True? Great site glad to see your talking about a very important health issue for so many and so natural. Good Job on this blog.!!!!!

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