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Zucchini Chips


Class guest: “I have a dehydrator”

Me: “Oh really, do you love it?”

Guest: “I don’t really ever use it… I got it at CanadianTire/Walmart. It’s that circular one and really hard to use. It’s not great”.

Me: “Well that explains it! You got the wrong one!”

‘Tis the season to be dehydrating and you best be getting the right one if you’re going to be doing this. Those el cheapo circular ones aren’t going to cut it. Stuff sticks to it, the air doesn’t distribute properly and you are more likely to end up with mushy food or worse- mouldy!

With everything now available aplenty at the market- from tomatoes to herbs to kale to zucchini and so much fruit, dehydrating is my very favourite way to preserve the goodness.

So what dehydrator do I recommend? The Excalibur and I have been long time friends. I started with a four tray- which was cute and then upgraded to the 9-tray which is awesome. The 5-tray is a perfect compromise.

Beyond just preserving the season’s best, I recently crafted up two super powered amazing recipes that you MUST try and will love- here is the first.

The creation was inspired by my dear friend Ricki of Diets, Desserts and Dogs when she tweeted about them. I had never considered the wonder of zucchini chips before and these green crisps were crispy, crunchy chip-like goodness.

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Zucchini Chips

  • Author: Meghan Telpner
  • Total Time: 6 hours 10 mins
  • Yield: Serves 6-8 1x


Crispy, crunchy chip-like goodness you won’t be able to pass up!


  • 4 zucchinis
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 1/2 tsp sea salt


  1. Use a mandolin or vegetable peeler to peel zucchini into thin slices
  2. Toss with olive oil and sea salt
  3. Lay out on non-stick dehydrator sheets and dehydrate at 115 degrees for 6 hours or until crispy
  4. Store in an airtight container
  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 6 hours
  • Category: Sides + Snacks

They are definitely not going to be taking the place of kale chips, but they are a very welcome addition to the vegetable chip family.

That kale chip family includes all of these favourites:

Question Of The Day: What is the appliance that gathers the most dust in your kitchen?

18 responses to “Zucchini Chips”

  1. Deena says:

    Just pinned it! Our coffee pot gathered the most dust, so I moved it to the basement to gather dust there.

  2. Shannon says:

    My breadmaker hasn’t been used in years. I used to make my own bread before I went gluten free… actually let’s be fair, I made my own dough with the machine and baked them myself in more fun shape than a loaf! You would think I would make more now and lots of yummy GF options but I’ve just gotten used to not eating bread so I don’t think about it. I’m keeping it because I keep planning on making some and I do have the space but there are so much more healthy tasty things for me to spend my time making that bread.

  3. Samantha Angela says:

    Do you think it would be feasible to make these in an oven?

  4. Nanda says:

    Coffee pot, microwave, espresso machine. They live in the laundry room. LOL.
    Yesterday I got an Omega juicer and now I am flirting with the Excalibur, I need a little bit of glamour $$$$$.

    Meghan could you please let me know the name of the book/author you interviewed months ago about raw food, he is a young Canadian chef. Thanks.

  5. stephanie says:

    Nanda: It was Doug McNish.

  6. Ricki says:

    So glad you liked them!! I actually made mine in the oven (gasp!) and so they browned up a bit and were quite crunchy. . . I bet they were delectable dehydrated, too!! I really must get a dehydrator, no? ;-)


  7. Karie says:

    I am disappointed that someone trying to educate others would use the words “Well that explains it! You got the wrong one!” Rather than something like “Sure, those work, but I prefer the Excalibur”. Now she feels like she has to go out and buy something expensive to be successful, when she owns something perfectly good. She just needs a few tips on how to use it to her advantage. From my perspective your willingness to feed the consumer demon goes against your whole blog for healthy better lifestyles.

    I have not one but 2 circular dehydrators and they work fantastic. No need to spend $300 on a dehydrator. If I start something in the evening I just rotate the trays on top with the trays on the bottom when I head into the kitchen in the morning. Flawless dehydrating. To keep things from sticking to the trays you can use a pastry brush and brush a wee bit of olive oil (or any oil of your choice) on the tray. Truth be told, nothing sticks once dehydrated, even when I don’t oil, which is often. I always seem to remember once I have loaded up the dehydrator and set it to go.

    • Terrie says:

      For me, it would depend on the reason a person is dehydrating. Since I am getting into it for the optimal health benefits, I chose one where I could regulate the temperature to maximize the nutritional/enzyme factors by keeping the food “raw” when dehydrating. Other people I know just want to dehydrate their hunt into jerky, etc and don’t care about additional factors. I am so glad that I got the largest one I could afford with the automatic turnoff. Once we started making the chips, crackers, “popcorn” etc, it has been worth it. Wish I could just remember more often to plan ahead for soaking time!

  8. Karie says:

    A great dressing for any type of vegetable is to take plain yogurt and toss in any seasonings I have in the spice drawer. I let it sit for 5 minutes to let the flavor bloom and then toss the vegetables in it and throw them on the dehydrator tray.

    I use up just about anything in the cupboard or refrigerator to make a zesty flavor agent for vegetable chips. There is no end to how you can spice and flavor them.

  9. Ann says:

    I gave away all the small appliances that were collecting dust a couple of days ago…..maybe I was making room for a dehydrator!!!

  10. Deborah says:

    I would love an Excalibur, but I have one of the round ones and I love it. I use it often for kale chips, fruit leather, beet chips, crackers, etc… It works just fine until I can afford the better one :-)
    I’m looking forward to trying these yummy-looking zucchini chips. Thanks again for another great recipe. xoxox

  11. Benjamin Faust says:

    Toaster collects the most. I almost never use it, and my wife uses it maybe once or twice per week. Our food processor, blender, and dehydrator don’t have time to collect any dust at all. I’m the only one who uses them, but I use the second two every day, and the first one several times per week.

  12. Beth says:

    How do you store dehydrated zucchini chips? How soon do they have to be used up before they go bad?

    • Meghan Telpner says:

      Air tight is best. If they stay dry, they can last a long time- but it all depends on how humid it is where you live.

  13. Julia says:

    These are now a staple in our house! The kids love them. Bye bye Lays!

  14. Shannon says:

    I have the “wrong” kind of dehydrator and I love it!! Can’t wait to try these thanks so much.

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