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Three Ingredients That Decode Healthwashing


It is "Nutrition Month" after all- which I am sure you can guess is something I think is a big load of hooeygoobleygoop. Either way- there are all kinds of Healthwashed events happening and I was invited to one that I can not wait to tell you all about. If you are not yet versed in the ways of Healthwashing- check this out.

There are many "nutrition experts" out there claiming to be offering "healthy alternatives". Remember when I explain why THIS being healthier than THAT didn't mean anything? There are three incredibly easy ways to tell whether you are legitimately eating clean, healthy food or if that made from scratch low fat muffin is still a load of processed crappola.

Three Ingredients That Decode Healthwashing

  • All Purpose Flour: All purpose flour is just plain old white flour that has had all of the fibre, protein, essential fats or any other nutritional value stripped away. It's been so stripped away that they go and "enrich" it with synthetic versions of the nutrients that were once naturally occurring.
    Replace with: brown rice flour, chickpea flour or buckwheat flour to name a few.
  • Vegetable Oil and/or Margarine: Tell me about a vegetable that is oily? A cucumber? A carrot? Not so much. "Vegetable oil" is most commonly a cocktail of soy bean, corn, and cotton seed- the most commonly Genetically Modified (GMO) of all crops- plus cotton seed isn't even grown as a food crop and therefore has one of the highest concentration of pesticides of all plants. Also vegetable oil is so highly heated/processed that it is ripe with free radicals ready to cause damage to our cells.
    Replace with: cold pressed extra-virgin coconut oil, olive oil, organic butter or ghee. For cold uses- flax oil, chia oil, hemp oil, or pumpkin seed oil.
  • Sugar: Come on now. Seriously? We should never, ever, ever be using white sugar. It is more addictive than cocaine and is just plain toxic. There is absolutely no reason to still be using white sugar in your cooking.
    Replace with: coconut sugar or sucanat.

Now, you can use the replacement ingredients in almost any recipe for a truly healthier version. It's not a question of cutting down on the bad stuff, it's a question of not using it at all. And if you want to eat crap, accept that you are indulging in crap, do so with joy. Just don't try and pretend like it's healthy or good for you in any way. Okay? I will not be a victim of #Healthwashing! (Tweet that love!)

Between this post, my post on Healthwashing and my post on a great breakfast, you should now have all the info you need to know that when you land on a recipe that claims to be healthy, you will know straight away- if the creator has used any of the above three ingredients- you best keep searching.

And curious what that item up there is all about?

Yeppers- healthwashing at its finest.

Question of the Day: What healthwashing claim do you find most confusing?

16 Responses to “Three Ingredients That Decode Healthwashing”

  1. Three Ingredients That Decode #Healthwashing #giveaway #health #nutrition #mealplanmagic
  2. Three Ingredients That Decode Healthwashing: Have you picked up your copy of Meal Plan Magic yet? Rave reviews a...
  3. peace said…
    I could go on but my latest peeve is a certain "healthy" vegetarian restaurant in the city that uses plenty of crappy ingredients but toot their horn as being super healthy (soy overload, gluten-free white flour as their "gluten-free vegan" substitute, vegan desserts using margarine or Earth Balance [what on earth is that?!]). I suppose it's like the McDonalds of the vegetarian world. In general, vegan junk food is my #1 healthwashing claim that I believe sends out the wrong message. Tweet.
  4. I will NOT be a victim of #healthwashing! via @meghantelpner #1g1761we
  5. I will NOT be a victim of #healthwashing! via @meghantelpner #1g1761we
  6. Healtwashing Decoded via @meghantelpner
  7. I will NOT be a victim of #healthwashing! via @meghantelpner #1g1761we
  8. Great information! (cc @taonikki ) RT @meghantelpner Avoid #healthwashing- Avoid these three ingredients:
  9. I will NOT be a victim of #healthwashing! via @meghantelpner #1g1761we
  10. In which I refer to "#Nutrition Month" as hooeygoobleygoop. #health

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