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Spare Some Change?


The other day I was speaking with a woman about the work that I do. She asked me how I can initiate change from people who are older and perhaps more set in their ways. I responded by explaining that what I always try and communicate, no matter who I am working with or speaking to, is something that will hit home for that individual.

Everyone has their own trigger, their own motivation and their own bad habits. If I can work out what will really make sense for their lives, that change will be far less scary than what could happen if they carry on with the bad habit.  Change is hard, no matter how old we are or how set in our ways we might be. We are creatures of habit.

I get a lot of emails from people asking me about what they can do to help their sister's son's girlfriend's mother's best friend's father and how I wish I could help and respond to all these questions. My advice is always to do some research, find an article and pass it along. My relatives and friends make the worst clients, hands down. They're not going to listen to me. Even my mom, who does actually take my advice most of the time, will call me to tell me that she was watching Oprah and Dr. Oz had said the same thing that I am always saying and suddenly it has a little more truth and value for her.

After my posts this week on Artificial Sweeteners, I have realized a few things. The first is that you are all here because you are making changes, are encouraged by what I am sharing and are on side with me on most things or at least open to hearing me out and that is awesome and amazing for me. However, for every one of you who agrees, I'll bet there are at least twenty people in your life that disagree, don't get it, or just have yet to make the connection. I want them to read this.

I want for you to send them a post, something you think will resonate with them either from here or from another honest, truthful health blog, or natural news source (and please share those links here too!) Give a little passive aggressive nudge in the right direction towards health.

I have collected for you some of my more, um, challenging topics that I have addressed and if you know of someone that needs some encouragement, that needs to read something that might hit home for them and help them to make some positive changes, just send them over this way. They're not my relatives so perhaps they just might listen to me.


4 Responses to “Spare Some Change?”

  1. Sharada Hall said…
    There's definitely a lot of truth to what you're saying about our families having a hard time taking our advice. Even when they ask for it. I think they ask because it's free, but then they don't follow it because they're really not ready. Unless Oprah says so too. Nobody likes what I have to say about artificial food coloring, but I put it out there anyway. I tried to convince my son's preschool and they wouldn't go for it, so we switched him. I think controversy is good. I'm glad you're putting it out there. It means you're passionate, and that's a whole lot more interesting than diplomatic.
  2. Jennifer R. said…
    Oh Meghan, if only my MIL would listen to what I have to say (or forward). And I believe she discounts anything I have to say about health, unfortunately. At least I have tried and done my part. She asked why my son (his stool test came back positive for gluten sensitivity) couldn't wait until he was older to remove gluten from his diet. Just.Doesn't.Get.It.... very sad. This same person believes that coconut oil is bad because it is a saturated fat and solid at room temperature (never mind the science I sent to them explaining how it is good for your health). Keep on doing what you are doing! You are appreciated :) Can't wait for St. Lucia next month!!
  3. Judy said…
    Just voted. Thanks for a great blog.
  4. Meghan Telpner said…
    Thank YOU for reading it!

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