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Today is the day… Wear It. Live it!


Today is the day!  Today is the day you can get one of our uplifting, empowering, bright orange (which makes it automatically awesome) organic cotton Today is the Day t-shirts.

Depression is fretting over and doubting our past, what has happened, what has gone by. Resenting and regretting. Anxiety is fearing the future, what is to come, what may be and what may not be.

Today is where we find the joy, the happiness, the bliss and the goodness.

If we can worry just about today, about doing our best today, at every given moment on a moment by moment basis, the weight that gets lifted is astounding. I always come back to the reminder that “Today is the day” and that right now, I am a-okay.

If Today Is The Day, are we doing today what we love, what makes us happy, what brings us pleasure and joy that will sustain us all the day through? Are we living together with confidence that Today Is The Day and that we are doing our best?

When this tribe of brave, inspiring, inventive, creative, revolutionary souls joined my first run of the online Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, they received a t-shirt to remind them that they are now ambassadors and teachers of this philosophy. They're looking for the silver lining through a tangerine-orange colour lens, finding adventure and opportunity in the challenges and forever learning, evolving and growing.

And aren't they gorgeous!?!?!

Today Is The Day

These women are a tribe and I, for one, am honoured to be living Today with them!

And here are my parents doing their thing too!

Today Is The Day

The Today Is The Day T-shirt is part of the Community Series with Me To We Style.

If you are unfamiliar with Me To We, here are five super important facts:

  • They aim to provide 1/2 of their annual profit to offset administrative costs to Free the Children.
  • They're committed to providing sweatshop-free apparel for the socially-conscious consumer.
  • They use eco-friendly fabrics and certify the least possible amount of toxic chemicals to create the clothing that are harming our earth & global family.
  • To date, Free the Children has provided 45 countries with programming & aid, built over 650 schools, helped 30,000 women with economic self-sufficiency, provided 55,000 children with education, provided 16 million dollars of medical supplies around the world, given 1 million people clean water, health & sanitation.

Fast Fact #1: Did you know that to produce one standard t-shirt with a generic apparel provider, 1/3 pound of pesticides is used?
Fast Fact #2: For every piece of Me to We Style apparel purchased, Free the Children plants a tree.

Please help me in supporting this most amazing organization and get yourself and every single person you know a Today is the day as a reminder for all of us to do our very best right now, today!

Get your t-shirt now! (These will only be available until November 20th).

What are you doing TODAY to make it awesome?

P.S. If you have been thinking about joining my Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, register on or before November 20th, and you will receive a free Today Is The Day T-shirt as a present from us!

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