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The tour continues to these Awesometown places!


Wowza has it been a hot one! I tell you, when this heat strikes I can't stop sucking back the green goodness.It was worth biking over to the post office with my chariot attached in 1,000 degree weather to collect our fresh shipment of Green Smoothie Cleanse books. When it's this hot out, this is the bombshnizza!

What a supa-fun week it has been since launching the first episode of MeghanTV. The interview with Hal Johnson was loved by many, including Hal who called me up yesterday to chitty chat about more great healthy things we can co-create. He is a legend!

I can't wait to share the next brand shiny new episode with you next week. Wait and see!

And, of course, it was another fantastically wonderful two weeks for the UnDiet Virtual Book Tour- and I know most of you are off summering, so if catch up on it all below.

July 4th, 2013


Sometimes the universe presents opportunity in the form of a challenge- for many of us, those challenges are health related. "Pudding the Damage On" is one woman's healing journey, and we were delighted to have UnDiet reviewed after the author was referred by the lovely Gena Hamshaw of Choosing Raw.

Check out Pudding the Damage On's review here.

Dr. Anders Nerman, N.D.

July 9th, 2013


Anders has known me my whole entire life. Seriously. He is two weeks younger than my older brother, and they have been friends forever. I love that Anders is now officially a doc of naturopathic medicine as the world needs way more like him. With Anders now living in the land of Israel, I don't see him often but was delighted that he joined the book tour. Check out his review here.

Now if Anders looks at all familiar to you, it might be because of this bit of awesome that I shared a few years ago.

Sondi Bruner

July 11th, 2013

Sondi Bruner

Oh Sondi Bruner, or as we call her around here Sondi Sonderson, and sometimes just Sonderson. Once upon a sweet time, Sonderson interned here and it was magical. She helped me with the pile of edits on this book and for that she earned my gratitude forever in print in the acknowledgements at the back of the book. We all begged her to stay- but, alas, she returned to her West Coast kitchen to create delicious, healthy meals.  If you haven't yet read her site- especially her recipes that use less than 5 ingredients, you must.

Hop on over and check out Sonderson's stop on the book tour- including a giveaway and my top 3 Summer Health tips.

Things My Belly Likes

July 18th, 2013

Things my Belly Likes

It's no secret I often dream of escaping to tropical destinations (and often do), and so I have an extra special spot in my heart for the lovely Cat of Things My Belly Likes, who lives in the Caribbean with her hubby and "neurotic dog". Cat is a lover of all things whole, unprocessed meals that she whips up in her own kitchen.

This is a bit of a two-parter, since Cat will be posting an UnDiet review next week too- stay tuned! In the mean time, check out my interview with Cat, in which we discuss desert island essentials and my health hero. Read the full interview here.

The Suburban

July 18th, 2013

Meghan Telpner UnDiet Suburban
Much fun was had a few months ago when I was galavanting in Montreal. I was on a tight as could be schedule and this interview with Anthony Bonaparter was done on my diver's cell phone while shuttling between TV studios. That's the life I tell you. What I found quite remarkable is that in all the dozens of interviews I have done, Anthony was the first to actually get all the facts 100% straight.  It was an absolute pleasure chat with him and the article in the the Suburban, a wonderful Montreal publication, is worth reading. Check out the full interview right here.

Have the best weekend,



P.S. Registration officially and finally closes on Monday for the fall 2013 Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. Just saying!


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