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What Are You Doing Today?


A simple enough question- but can you answer it? Think about. Why wouldn't we want to do something everyday to feel more awesome?!?!

We asked, you answered. Check out some of the sweet replies we received on Instagram and Facebook!

"Double shot of wheatgrass and a ginger green tea... Boo yaa!" - Stephsibbio

"Eating more whole foods. I have stopped counting calories and just eating real food and giving real food for my family." - Jennyachung

"Working out with my little family and going out to the farmers market weekly. It's become our thing. ;)" - Rojonewby

"Going to bed earlier, and meditate much needed after a day of exams :)"- Mvivasn

"I ate raw garlic today and make no-chicken "chicken" veggie soup this morning at 6 am bc I'm sick." - Hawleywould

"Regular sleep, more exercise, more gratitude <3." - Theresaott

"Enjoying the sunshine by practicing yoga outside, eating from my garden & playing in a kiddie pool!" - Mommayogi

"Spending the sunny day having some girl time with my cousin who's visiting from Bali! and eating foods that nourish and heal." - Ensuing_grace

"Walking in the morning sunshine through tree lined streets. Stopping to admire the amazing poppies and peonies along the way :)" - Maefluere

"Stopping to take note of beautiful things in my walk to work. Takin photos as a form of gratitude :)" - Gabbyouimet

"Meditation. Revamping my resume..." - Kisforkirsten

"Tried body balance and loved it!! :)" - Lauramary27

"My first day of a whole food, plant based diet!!"- Misszucchini

"Eating healthy, enjoying the sunshine, and visiting with friends." -Littlepeebs

"Getting home early enough to get my son and school and make a beautiful dinner for my family."- Debdonsky

"Being grateful." - Missdncer

"Today I'm making my life more vibrant by putting myself first - meal planning, grocery shopping, dehydrating, eating right, and soaking up some sun on a lunchtime walk. Not a super exciting answer, but my life isn't so vibrant when I don't put me first...and after the past week I need that." - Shannon C

"Wearing more happy and vibrant colours everyday!"- Courtney RH

"Getting out of a toxic job :)"- Effie P

"Trying a new recipe for Indian-Inspired Vegetable Soup in my slowcooker, working on my Meal Prep Made Easy course and planning for the 1st Annual Calgary Veg Fest (2014)!" - Erin BG

9 Responses to “What Are You Doing Today?”

  1. Ann said…
    hi Meghan, Made a delicious smoothie for breakfast, took care of some household stuff and now I am batch cooking for the week...Coconut Okra Love Soup, Immunity Asparagus, Shitake and leek soup, Qunioa Taboule, parsley pasto, Muffins and veggie burgers. yin yoga class at 4:15 PM....and a meditative relaxing evening. :). Love my Sundays!!
    • Kika said…
      Yum! I'd like to move into your kitchen for the week:)
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Sounds awesome!
  2. Linda said…
    Had a wonderful computer-free day on Sunday, lots of UnDiet batch-cooking for me too, walked the dogs (they loved the rain), and spent some quality time reading Michael Pollan's latest book, "Cooked". Wow - beautifully written, interesting research, he has much to teach about food and does it with love.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
  3. Jasmine said…
    Had my lemon cayenne water, went to the studio for my daily yoga practice, had an avocado-watermelon-blueberry smoothie, rubbed myself with coconut oil after my shower, and spent time with my friends. Today is the day! that Meghan.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Today IS the day Jasmine.
  4. Kika said…
    Spent time at the park with my 8 year old, spent time alone this evening studying (makes me happy!), took time for an online French lesson in the afternoon (more fun brain food), took time for deep breaths and conversation with my husband. I bought UnDiet a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it; many of your recipes are on this week's menu:)
  5. Aline said…
    Had a wonderful and very tasty smoothie for breakfast. Now relaxing in my backyard with a nice glass of water and cucumber, listening to the birds and the wind and reading all the comments people have posted. :)

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