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What Did We Do With Our Gluten-Free Pizza?


Remember Monday when we made the best gluten-free pizza crust ever- well we did a lot with it. A whole lot. You know why? Because earlier in the week the best thing ever happened to us.

A very attractive (and from the photo above, very tall) gentleman, wearing a sweater that made us all want to curl up with it/him, showed up to the kitchen with a giant box of vegetables. Is there anything better than a hottie with a large butternut squash? (Tweet today's tweetable- if you dare!)

I make no secret of my shameless desire to flirt with farmers. This flirtation, and subsequently, this amazing lunch is brought to you by the farming and farm loving people over at Fresh City Farms.

I was connected to Ran Goel, hedgefund lawyer turned urban farmer, by a mutual friend. I fell in love with what they are doing straight away. Fresh City's goal is to empower people to start city farm businesses in Toronto in backyards, front yards and beyond.

Their main farm is right here in the city at Downsview park, along with container gardening happening at The Brickworks. In the winter, much of their goods have to come from elsewhere, but we did get a whole bunch of greens and things grown indoors. Loved it all! I proposed that if Fresh City Farms dropped us off a box of food to try out, we would go to town with the ingredients and come up with something amazing. That's how we ended up with six different pizza topping configurations for our Gluten-Free Pizza.

I can not tell you how amazing it was, in the midst of a hectic time wrapping up my book and all, to have someone deliver me a box of fresh organic produce. We made the pizzas on Friday and all weekend I have been eating well on this fresh produce. If you have never tried the CSA game, you must. Fresh City Farms doesn't require a membership either which is nice 'cause it keeps things flexible. Plus- if you are in the Toronto area, they will do home delivery.

And finally- to answer your question, what did we do with our pizza, and all the amazing produce from Fresh City Farms? This!

Mushroom and green onion 


Orange pepper and tomato with roasted garlic


Roasted beet with roasted garlic and spinach

Our new favourite green, tatsoi, with orange pepper

Roasted butternut squash, garlic and pear


And my personal fave creation that the other ladies scrunched their noses at- spinach and apple. IMG_6744

And we had quite the feast!

Question of the day: What is your fave pizza topping?

This has been a sponsored post. We only invite companies/people/products we truly love to play along. If you believe you have a great fit, check out the details here.

11 Responses to “What Did We Do With Our Gluten-Free Pizza?”

  1. What Did We Do With Our Gluten-Free Pizza?: Have you reserved your spot yet in the Gluten-Free Renewal Cleanse? ...
  2. What Did We Do With Our Gluten-Free #Pizza? #health #organic #wholefood #flirtwithfarmers
  3. peace said…
    Yum yum yum *^_^* I'll try the chickpea flour crust this weekend. We use chickpea flour in my culture for savoury dishes. Favourite toppings: chevre, spinach, feta, pineapple, olives, artichoke, anything veggie really :)
  4. Sherri said…
    I made a "regular" pizza with it using sliced rosemary ham, fresh pineapple, mushrooms, marinara sauce, and Daiya dairy-free cheese. I baked the pizza in the oven to melt the "cheese". It was delicious! I really like it and my husband said it was tasty. However he prefers the traditional crust, but he also said that this is a good way to decrease the wheat/gluten and he is open to having it again, just rotate in the traditional crust every now and then. :)
  5. flirt with farmers, eat #gluten-free pizza. this is the life.
  6. thought you had to ditch pizza doing the #glutenfreecleanse? think again!
  7. "Is there anything better than a hottie with a large butternut squash?" @meghantelpner + @freshcityfarms
  8. ali said…
    is there any sort of 'sauce' on these? or just straight veggies? I am excited to try them out but worried they might be a bit bland?
  9. Thanks for this awesome lunch @freshcityfarms
  10. Which #pizza is your favourite? (the farmer doesn't count ;))

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