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What We're Eating For Lunch In Our Kitchen


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Since moving out of my kitchen, I am often feeling incredibly proud of myself when I practice what I preach and pack a lunch to bring to work. I often have the thought- Hey, I work in a kitchen. There will for sure be something there I can eat. And usually there is. A smoothie. I have more smoothies for lunch than anything else. Buuuut- sometimes I want more.

The stakes have been raised too since Sondi and Maeve are forever coming to work as the professionals that they are, with these beautiful fresh veg filled lunches.

As I am on my computer much of the day, like you, I see the tweets and facebook posts from all those nutritionists and nutrition lovers out there.Often I find myself thinking- Really? Is that really what you made today?  As they share with the world that they were up at dawn harvesting their own buckwheat to soak it, sprout it, dehydrate it, and grind it to make their own raw sprouted flour to be mixed with sunlight and a dollop of bliss and then formed into a tortilla to put their garden grown gold inside and bla bla bla.

I read that as I sip on my smoothie feeling a little inadequate and kinda lazy. Where I come from, lunch has to be realistic and realistic means quick, easy, energy giving and little to no clean up.

Though the requests have tapered off over the years (and thank goodness for that), I have decided for this time only, to do what most food bloggers love to do- share my lunch. And Sondi's. And Maeve's. Now you get to indulge your food voyeurism and perhaps be inspired. Below we each outline what we had.


Meghan's Lunch: Rice Wrap Sandwich

I brought the components of my lunch to work in a glass container. They included kale, micro greens, roasted red pepper, and goat cheese. I topped the wrap with some dijon and horseradish. I had originally planned on having this in a brown rice wrap, which I thought we had here- but nope. So I used these kinds of rice wraps. I now realize, this could be a perfect lunch if you work in an office that doesn't actually have kitchen facilities. All you really need to make this is a tea kettle. I boiled the water, softened the wrapper, and then rolled the whole right up. Super easy, super portable, super fresh, and SUPER DELICIOUS.

Click here for my tips on rolling these babies.

Sondi's Lunch: Sweet Potato and Lentil Loaf with Mixed Vegetables

Meghan and Maeve are intuitive cooks who bring a carefree creativity to the dishes they make. Me? I like a good recipe. That's why I'm addicted to recipe blogs and food sharing sites, which I constantly troll looking for my next hit. My lunch is this amazingly delicious sweet potato and lentil loaf, and it's seriously one of the best veggie loafs I've ever had (it's vegan, and I made mine with gluten-free oats). It's kinda like a loaf/stuffing hybrid, with loads of flavour and plenty of herbs and spicesIMG_6677. I ate this along with lightly steamed veggies that were tossed in a bit of gluten-free soy sauce. Notice how my veggies totally dwarf the loaf slice? That's the kind of vegetable serving that rocks your health down.


Maeve's Lunch: Mixed Green salad with honey garlic dressing
Poor ol' morning Maeve, she really does have a lot on her plate- what with getting breakfast ready, taming the wild beast known as my hair, and preparing lunch (since evening Maeve neglectfully went to bed without considering her future counterpart). So this is the fruits - or veggies - of my hurried morning labour.  IMG_6683Turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself, especially considering I wasn't sure if I would blend this or eat it as a salad! Mixed greens - with extra spinach - red cabbage, celery, avocado, dried cranberries, nuts and seeds tossed in a super secret salad dressing recipe from Meghan's upcoming book (plus garlic). End result? A crisp and delish salad that hit the spot.

Question of the Day: What are YOU eating for lunch today?

P.S. Love getting a look into the Love in the Kitchen ladies' lunches? Tweet today's tweetable and share the goodness all around!


10 Responses to “What We're Eating For Lunch In Our Kitchen”

  1. Meghan- I'm with you. Smoothies for lunch far more often than I'd like to admit, and I'm a chef! I think you ladies have inspired me to start packing something that isn't blended on the days I'm running around personal cheffing :) xo
  2. Alison Cooper said…
    Today I'm having Meghan's recipe she posted recently "Almost Nothing But Broccoli Soup". I love it and everyone at work loves it too, so easy to make and healthy too :-)
  3. Noel Guillory said…
    Very nice lunches! Great share! Today I'm having green lintels and brown rice (from my precooked Sunday lunches). I like to grab a handful of fresh herbs from my windowsill and throw those in with a little evoo and red wine vinegar. Great cold or heated- probably heated today since it's chilly out.
  4. "Where I come from, lunch has to be realistic and realistic means quick, easy, energy giving and little to no clean up." THANK YOU for this! With a day that starts at 6am due to two kids I need to get to school in the morning (with healthy, home-made lunches!), quick & easy dinner plans ready for when I walk in the door at the end of the day, and little time to do anything other than manage a business until 6pm, I'm lucky if I have time in the morning for my smoothie. That's usually breakfast for me, so I like to have something a little more for lunch. I have never enjoyed leftovers ... that is until I discovered your recipes and learned to cook. Today for lunch I'm enjoying your curried collard greens with sweet potatoes from the Low Glyceymic cooking class. We had it for dinner the other night and it makes the perfect lunch for the next two days. Yum!
  5. Erica said…
    Today's lunch is a whole grain lavash spread with hummus and stuffed to the brim with sauteed red onions and kale. Yum!
  6. Marilene said…
    I'm flying to Calgary tomorrow---that lentil, sweet potato loaf will be my on the plane snack...thanks for the inspiration!
  7. Deborah said…
    Walked home in the cold from volunteering at the food bank, so I felt like soup. Didn't have any made, so I sauteed onions, garlic, broccoli, a tomato and a parsnip in coconut oil and then blended it in my Vitamix with water, hemp hearts, a few handfuls of spinach, nutritional yeast, a couple of black olives, cayenne and Celtic sea salt. It was very tasty!
  8. Nanda said…
    Just had Arugula salad with onions, garlic, pumpkin seeds, sweet peepers and one hard boiled pasture raised egg on a olive oil balsamic dressing. Also I baked an Ezekiel sprouted tortilla, it was so crunch and delicious!
  9. Shannon said…
    I have left overs today - lemon quinoa, chickpeas and veggies (sweet potatoes, red and orange peppers, onion, zuchinni) roasted with garlic, olive oil, basamic vinegar, rosemary and basil and tossed with a little goat cheese. Can I eat it now, or is it too early?
  10. Erin said…
    I usually have a green smoothie for lunch. Or fruit. Sometimes tomato/red onion/avocado/lemon juice on romaine.

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