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Unbaked Berry Crumble Granola Breakfast Dessert Treat + Protein Powdered Breakfast Milk


Do I really even have to answer that? Really? Do I?

No. Because it's obvious. The berries!

A standard breakfast, so commonly a go-to, is granola and yogurt, and a splash of berries. Why not turn that equation upside down and inside out? Make the berries the main attraction!

This past sweet, sweet long weekend had me deep in the thorny blackberry bushes getting the best of the seasonal sweet treats.

There is something sweetly meditative about picking berries. You kind of tune your eyes in and it's like you get these superpowers and as you look through the bushes you are able to see just clusters of berries. Am I sounding like a twirling hippie who's spent too long with flowers in my hair under the sun picking berries?

Well let's all just get over that as I am about to head into a few months of chaos and I was seriously loving the time away.

People always like to know what the healthiest berry is, what berries will keep them young and healthy and all that jazz. Let me tell you, and I have said this before, the very best are the ones that grow closest to your home.

We all love to think that we can get all the antioxidants the bod needs from chocolate and wine and (dear me) coffee.

But did you know that blackberries are actually one of the top food sources? Well now you do! They are also jam packed with polyphenols and anthocyanins which help to prevent cancer and heart disease.

So on a hot final weekend of the summer, when I didn't feel much like a baking a whole berry crumble, and really just wanted to enjoy the blackberries in their naked greatness, I devised the ultimate feast!


You can call this breakfast or dessert. It can be morning granola or unbaked berry crumble. What I say is why have granola with berries when you can have berries with a sprinkle of granola?

This was outstandingly amazing and pretty much was my breakfast, afternoon snack and dessert. My antioxidants load is locked and loaded and ready to protect me. The name for this goodness I mashed up together is a bit long winded, so I invite you to shorten it as you see fit.

Unbaked Berry Crumble Granola Breakfast Dessert Treat
(1 serving)
1 cup berries (or fruit) of choice
1 Tbs honey
1/4 cup toasted or raw granola (or crumbled cookies)

  • Mash up the fruit and the honey.
  • Sprinkle with granola
  • Fall in love 
Now, if you want to turn this into a full meal deal, try making a protein powered nut milk to go with it.
Protein Powered Breakfast Milk
1 cup nuts/seeds of choice, soaked for 4-6 hours and rinsed (for a great breakfast milk, mix together almonds, sesame, hazelnuts and brazil nuts)
2 cups water
1 tsp Irish Moss, prepared (optional)
1 Tbs Vanilla Sunwarrior Protein

  • Blend together nuts/seeds and water.
  • Run through My Nut Sack to strain out the pulp.
  • Return to blender and add in vanilla, Irish Moss and sweetener of choice.
  • Blend until smooth

The winter squashes are now making their way into the market. The cooler evenings are causing us to sleep a little longer and the sun is setting earlier and rising later. Be sure you get to the local markets to enjoy the very sweetest of the summer harvest while you still can.

Question Of The Day: What are the summer treasures you are most treasuring right now?

6 Responses to “Unbaked Berry Crumble Granola Breakfast Dessert Treat + Protein Powdered Breakfast Milk”

  1. Local berries are my favorite summer treat! Along with my beloved peaches :) I love the idea of making berries the forefront of the meal instead of the granola, as much as I love granola- nothing beats fresh fruit! xo
  2. Marisa said…
    I'm actually eating a blackberry parfait right now! But I'm not sure how healthy granola is; I examined one brand and found granola seems very processed. Do you know? I'm making my pafraits with All-Bran original cereal, which is equally processed but has more fibre. I'd love to learn more.
  3. Jill said…
    plums, peaches and raspberries. I will soon enough have to switch to the frozen ones (which aren't too bad tasting)
  4. elain said…
    this is one of my favorite food combos, but tell us, oh wise one, how does one deal with all the damn little seeds sticking between the teeth? do we lose some food value by straining them out? should i bring you a fresh picked bowl from the island so you won't be appalled by hotel breakfasts?
  5. What's the best part of this granola?! #recipe
  6. Yum! This look awesome!

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