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What’s the Deal with Airplane Food Rules Anyway?


Ever since the rules of the game changed back in 2008- and by rules of the game, we mean flying game- traveling has become much more of an ordeal for some. Airport restrictions have reached a fever pitch in security- want to bring some R.O water on the plane? Nope- could be explosives.  Oh, but that less than 100 ml bottle of hair spray is fine, after all you might need to touch up before getting off the plane to the masses who await. Food and snacks are hit and miss for getting on the plane...but you can certainly bring in the $10.00 bottle of water you purchased inside the terminal, or the $15.00 bag of chips.

Now, for the record, we are ALL about protecting ourselves and making sure every security measure is taken for passengers to be safe and sound up in the skies.  But hasn't it all gotten a little ridiculous to you? You know what we say around here- "laugh at the ridiculousness of seriousness".  This would be a perfect time to do just all together now: "Hahahahahahahaha. Hah. Haha. Haaa."   Only problem is that it isn't so funny when you are traveling and can't have access to any foods you actually want to eat, or any beverages that don't come in plastic bottles.  The options for food on planes aren't very good options at all- they might even pose health concerns (and by might, we mean definitely.)

You may recall from my previous post back in 2010 (where does the time go??) that certain foods to carry on are big no-nos (such as hummus or almond butter, which fall into the "gel" category) but that we can certainly manage to pack delicious, healthful luncheswhen we travel as long as they play by the rules.

You can avoid carrying your food in plastic containers and bags by using nifty little storage goodness like this and this. They are airplane safe AND won't seep sketchy toxins into your bod.  Here are some of our fave, airplane friendly snacks for your munching considering:

Question of the Day: How do you prepare for flying? What snacks do you bring and what do you avoid?

17 Responses to “What’s the Deal with Airplane Food Rules Anyway?”

  1. Patrice said…
    Ditto on the stainless steel water bottle. And an Emergen-C packet I case I think I'll want a sweet. I used to travel 3wks/month, usually to economically depressed areas, and pretty much always had a purse full of food. Quinoa can easily be made in the hotel coffee pot, nuts and nut butters are key. <3oz container of Braggs or miso are welcome treats too. Though I try not to eat gluten anymore, homemade setain travels extremely well (depending on what you put in it) and is a great resource.
  2. We always try to pack a meal and snacks (especially with a toddler). I'm always stopped at security, but have nothing to hide so I'm used to it now. Worst they made me do was drink my own pumped breast milk! Did you hear about the needle found in the pre-packaged sandwich on an Air Canada flight this week. Another reason why you should bring your own meal!
  3. Martina said…
    Seriously just read the title of that blog entry at first as "what's the deal with airline peanuts?" HAHA! Airplane snacks can be tricky, but I try to avoid things that are smelly. I'm a lover of smelly foods, but people tend to get so uppity if I crack open a tin of sardines around them.
  4. Tt said…
    I always make a baggie with a mix of instant oatmeal, protein powder and dried fruit- then i get a big cup in the airport and just need hot water on the flight! Dry roasted edamame, fresh fruit (apples, banana) and justins nut butter packets, energy nuggets, and who knows what else!
  5. FLO YO said…
    What airport are you at? 10 dollar water and 15 dollar chips? I get yo hyperbole but damn nutri-girl, don't hate on the airports so much!
  6. Maya said…
    Hi Meghan, My fav flying rule is the aerosole cans are allowed (as long as they have a lid!!) & one cigarette lighter policy that we have here in Australia! Not sure what it is for you guys, but isn't that ridiculous! You can't bring in a water bottle, but you can have a potential weapon!!

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