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Why Did I Write UnDiet?


Today marks the official release date of UnDiet. But as you and I know- UnDiet has been alive and kicking for years. In fact- at the end of this month, I celebrate the five year anniversary of cheerleading for the cause of breaking those rules of convention and creating magic in our own lives.

The first of BIG media support for UnDiet hit this past Saturday with a really fun interview on CBC's Fresh Air.

In case you missed it- here it is.

Karen Gordon and I had such a blast chatting, that we couldn't fit in one of the big questions she'd wanted to ask. So I thought, on this fine April 2nd, the date that has been floating in my world as a BIG DAY for a long time, would be the perfect opportunity to answer it.

What do I hope people get out of my book?

The short answer is easy: I hope people will get healthy.

I know that my book is going to help people free themselves from suffering- great or small. The fact that so many are not only buying my book for themselves, but getting multiple copies to give the gift of health and empowerment to their friends and family means that our world is changing.

My intention in writing this book, using the language that I use, offering the information I share, the way I break it down, and the extensive amount of resources I have created to support the material in the book (like the UnDiet Toolbox, the Book Club, my Online Workshops etc.) is to ensure success.

I wrote the book that I had needed when I was lost on my own health journey, and wanting more than anything to feel differently than I did in those darker moments.

I know what it's like to feel like there is something greater out there. I experienced the same challenges that so many of you know- searching for a life of optimal health and feeling forever misguided.

In UnDiet, I don't preach the way that I live, or proclaim my way is the best or right for you. UnDieting is about offering the education, means, and strategies to figure out the singular best approach for yourself.  And when this can be achieved, I also know the amazing sense of empowerment that offers.

When we feel rockstar awesome, when we free ourselves from physical and emotional suffering that we come to accept as our normal, or okay, or manageable, we fly. We grant ourselves the freedom to do super powered things in our lives.

And wouldn't we all want to live in a world surrounded by people, by family and friends, who are happy, healthy, conscious of how their actions affect the greater world and approach it all with a smile, a laugh and a sense of fun and humour?

Well, that's why I wrote UnDiet and that's what I hope people get from reading the book. These are high hopes for sure, but as my book reaches the heights of a bestseller I know anything is possible.

Absolutely anything in life is possible if we do it with true love, and true integrity. via @MeghanTelpner #UnDiet

For all your support, I thank you BIG!

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6 Responses to “Why Did I Write UnDiet?”

  1. Lisa said…
    Congratulations on the launch! You've been one of my biggest inspirations as I have embarked on creating a life of health and happiness. I know that others have gotten the same through your blog and will do so through your book.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Thank you so much Lisa!
  2. marilenecaetano said…
    Congratulations Meghan! Amazon is having a wee bit of a delay so i still haven't actually seen the book...but can't wait. It looks so colourful just in time for Spring :)
  3. Congrats and you did an absolutely amazing job with this work of art. So many people's lives will forever be changed!
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Thank you so much!
  4. Evelina said…
    Wow Meghan! You are so inspirational. I am in the process of reading your book and you make it so simple and fun! I am in love with your approach to health and nutrition!

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