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Ask Meghan’s Mom: How Can I Commit To My Workouts?


Written by Patsy Telpner, Meghan's mom. Post a question below in the comments sections and Patsy will choose one to answer in her next post.

Today's Question:

 I always feel so great after yoga but seem to have such a hard time motivating myself to go. What’s your advice?

 Advice From Mom:

Great question. I have been exercising in some way every morning for the past 40 years.  It becomes a habit, a good habit and so if I don’t do some form of exercise, I just don’t feel right. For most of those years it was going to a gym. But now yoga and pilates feels the best for me. The key is making it a habit. That’s the goal.

I would like to offer my tips on getting there. You may have heard them before but maybe just one suggestion will make you say, “ I can do that”.

 Patsy's Tips For Workout Commitment:

  1.  Make yourself a priority. Yes it is all about you and if getting to a yoga class makes you feel better, well then you are happier and everyone around you will benefit.
  2.  Make a financial commitment.  For me, if I have put out money to take a class or a series of classes I hate to waste it. I am determined to get my money’s worth.
  3. Look forward to all the compliments you will get. If you do yoga, Pilates, gym etc and it makes you feel great then you look great. People will notice and tell you how great you look.
  4. Get a buddy. This can be so helpful. Personally, I like to have the social interaction of a class and that energy kept me going back. But if you need someone to get you there find that person and encourage each other.
  5. Get one great outfit that makes you feel good. Don’t start yoga or any workout program wearing an old t-shirt and sweat pants. You need to get into something that feels and looks great. After you are hooked you can throw on the bottom of the drawer stuff.
  6. Try different teachers and different classes. When you find the ones that you are comfortable with then put it in your schedule like a meeting. Tell your colleagues you are going to a meeting . Stick to it, you may want to make changes but give it 6 weeks.
  7. Think about working out in some way as part of your job. Your job is to feel good, look great and be healthy.
  8. Don't make excuses. Know that once you get there and do it you will feel so much better after. Ignore how you feel before you go.

Bottom line: be a little bit selfish and don't feel guilty for taking time for you. When you do take that time do not feel guilty. Feeling guilty is really the biggest waste of time and energy.

Good luck and just get going.

Note from Meghan: My mom has worked out my whole life and beyond. It's inspirational! She has never gone on a diet or even talked of dieting. There is no greater reward to our health than doing things consistently, with moderation over extended periods of time. Let Momma P lead by example. One of my earliest memories is sitting at the back of my mom's exercise class- watching all these women in their bright yellow and pink spandex aerobacize a la Jane Fonda. I must have been about 3 or 4, with a bottle hanging from mouth. I think I had as much fun as my mom.

Question of The Day: What is your top motivating thought/action/strategy that gets you on your mat, or to the gym?

 Ask My Mom Your Questions! Post questions below and Patsy will select one to answer.

9 Responses to “Ask Meghan’s Mom: How Can I Commit To My Workouts?”

  1. Joanne Hall said…
    I too enjoy exercising every day. Every morning I put on my gym clothes as soon as I wake up. It puts me in the right frame of mind and am ready to go as soon as I have my breakfast.
  2. peace said…
    My husband is a great motivator. Despite his long days, he's up early each morning to exercise. We have kettle bells, jump rope, stability ball and our yoga DVD's so we really have no excuse not to move. We used to drive to the gym but having the equipment in the house is so much more convenient and a time saver. Being healthy is the number one thought and also because I have the ability to exercise, I don't want to take it for granted.
  3. Sara Best said…
    When the alarm goes off at 5:30am and everything in me says I'd rather go back to sleep than get up and exercise, I remember the Nike ad that simply said, "You said tomorrow yesterday." Usually gets my butt out of bed.
  4. Erika said…
    I remind myself that feeling well is better than feeling sick, and that what is most important to me is feeling well, and that I know exercise contributes to my wellness. I remember that every day I don't exercise (in some way, even a small one) takes me backwards on my journey to wellness rather than forwards. That's usually enough motivation for me!
  5. Amy Pfost said…
    I started running in May and have kept it up longer than I ever have before. Things that work for me: Having a running buddy waiting for me at the track/gym keeps me from skipping workouts. Buying a new pair of nice running shoes means I can't stop running b/c I can't afford to waste the money. And, planning to swim after a run is GREAT motivation during the summer. I also find it important to work out at night. I'm much more effective before I go to bed than in the morning. Not everyone is like that, so pay attention to your biorhythms.
  6. Nicole said…
    I try to visualize how I will feel after the work-out and I use that as motivation because I know I will feel good in more ways than one: more energy, happy, proud of myself, accomplishment. I think I will take this advice this morning and run to yoga!
  7. Loving the motherly advice today for the #fabdetox on motivation for exercise, all sooooooooo true!
  8. :) RT @linz_tweets Loving the motherly advice today for the #fabdetox on motivation for exercise, all sooooooooo true!
  9. T said…
    So happy that I stumbled across this again today. Despite a day with nagging chronic pain I am going to get my butt to a BarreFit class and let my inner-ballerina play. My parents walk every day after lunch or dinner or both and it is so inspirational. Especially considering the onslaught of -20 weather in a couple of weeks.

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