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You Have To Start Somewhere!


With my newsletter that went out yesterday. I received all kinds of congratulations on how far and wide things have grown. And the moral of the story here is that to pursue our dreams, you have to start somewhere and at the beginning is usually a great place. We all want to get from A-Z and skip the entire alphabet along the way (I am as guilty as the next). But it didn't happen for me overnight. It was a bum-load of work and I'll be honest and say that not all of it was fun and games. My week this week was rather astounding. I recipe tested all day on Monday and then did an interview for a National news channel that evening, did some desk work and prep for Tuesday night's workshop and taught the class Tuesday, Wednesday I did a corporate presentation to 60 peeps and tonight I have the first of my four week program.

But there above- that's a picture of my very first cooking class, that was exactly 3 years ago. And in that class was my best friend Vanessa, my ex boyfriend's two sister-in laws, some of my early clients and a few other newer friends. That was it. It did not happen overnight and that is exactly what I tell people when they ask. I was asked this so much that I have started to run some profesh level programs that involve coaching on just such a subject.

So whether it is health goals, business goals or general love and life goals, we all just have to take a moment, a deep breath, and start at the beginning. Start from scratch and ease in, build, grow and let things prosper. It's a bit like gardening. Plant the seeds, tend to them and let it all grow in it's own sweet time.

It's amazing what happens when we can let that happen. So today I offer 10 tips to making your wildest dreams come true.

Meghan's Guide To Actualizing Wild Wild Dreams

  1. Be clear on what you want the most (and this can be in all facets of life...but make this want specific!)
  2. Break that want into steps (and p.s. those wants actualize way faster with the help of the universe if the desire is first and foremost to serve to the benefit of the greater good, as opposed to personal gain like new shoes or more moolah).
  3. Take each of those steps and break it down further into 3-5 actual actionable items that you can start to work on today.
  4. Take the first step. What is the first item on that list? Do it now. Call someone. Read something. Create something.
  5. Then move to the next actionable item.
  6. Stay focussed. Do not get attached to the outcome or goal, but rather use it as your driving force and see where your actions take you.
  7. Be open to any and all potential outcomes. You may end up far from where you expected to be, but actually be in exactly the right spot.
  8. Check your fear and the Negative Nellies that may creep into your world. They don't serve you so let'em go (and that might be your own thoughts too).
  9. Be ready for all that comes.
  10. Watch it unfold and keep moving forward as things adapt and evolve.

Now that the tips and tricks have been established, I have put together for pure entertainment value, some of my more ridiculous vids, collected from over the past 3 years. My best advice of course, is always keep it light and have fun. Then it's not work anymore.

Enjoy! (And feel free to skooch past the intro song...even I'm kinda over it)

Love For Aloe

Apple A Day: Part 2 (with a special guest)

Cracking Coconuts (Still Makes Me Giggle)

Making Friends In Kinvara, Ireland

My Tooth Brushing Antics

Meet My Grandma Fritzi and The "Freezer Room"

Herb Walking... Fa Real

Enjoy the video loving. Working on a special announcement for tomorrow so don't be a stranger!
Love to you my loverly lovers!

7 Responses to “You Have To Start Somewhere!”

  1. Jenn said…
    Meghan, just watched the vid with your Grandma - totally made sniffle and tear up! I have no living Grandparents left and I love that you went and did some cooking with her and shared a little love! You can see how much she adores you! Thanks for sharing that special moment with her ! As for the hard work of getting to where you are today, you hit the nail on the head... doing what you love will make the work more enjoyable and satisfying. I don't think anyone could look at the breadth of your work and not realize how much time and effort goes into it. Your background, business skills, passion and personal experience have blended together to help create a flourishing business - the business of spreading love and health!
  2. Stefania said…
    Love the freezer room. Is this in her apt? I actually wondered why she didn't have a lock on her's. The one with all the locks would be mine. :-) Now, did you get on your grandma's case about the yogurt brand she buys? I'm pretty sure it contains aspartame. What about the Becel margarine? :-)
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      I have gotten on my grandma's case about everything! Mainly the artificial sweetener. She has been on a diet for as long as I've known her and is turning 90 this year. Not much I can change now!
      • Stefania said…
        She's so sweet. I love her comment about how people don't eat sweets as much as they used to b/c they're watching themselves.
  3. caren said…
    You rock girl....and you deserve every success in the world. Love the yonge and college video... I had no idea it was so scetchy mcscketch!! lol
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Thanks! I lived right around the corner from there in university. Ech!

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